10 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Copywriter
(Even If It’s You)

Written by an Editor Who Brings Big Profits


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Due to the fact that we’re living in 2021, nothing fake, inauthentic, or half-@ssed will suffice anymore. Those days are over. Human beings are becoming ultra-psychic. “Businesses” are obsolete. Nobody trusts companies or entities anymore. All the fakery and incongruency is on its way out.

Now it’s all about personal brands and communication that speaks to the soul. The world is making room for those who are real, raw, honest, and who give zero f#cks about anything other than helping people live as their best.

That said…

Is your sales copy up to par with these massive (spiritual) changes taking place in the world?

You not only need to be CLEAR in your writing and know how to CONVERT SALES…but you also need to speak to people on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL these days!

That’s what matters most. (Information by itself won’t cut it anymore.)

Does it comfort you knowing that your sales copy may be costing you millions of dollars in potential sales?—due to your text being:

My name is Michelle Lopez Boggs and I’m a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. I’ve written copy for some of the world’s top brands, including 8-figure businesses like “The People’s Chemist” and David Neagle (Life is Now, Inc.).

I study, and work with, some of rarest, most unconventionally successful business people on the planet—like Wes Watson, who built a multi-million dollar coaching business within 3 years of getting out of prison, due to not wasting a single moment after he got out. (Some of you reading this are wasting a LOT of time each day.)

With a strong background in writing and editing content that engages readers + a unique approach to writing sales copy that sounds super, ultra-real (because it is)—I can help you fine-tune your copywriting, so that it brings you WAY MORE profits—ethically and designed to withstand the upcoming inflation that’s about to hit.


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