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Want to increase your online sales? Here are my top 5 tips…

1. First, get off all social media. Seriously. Get off Facebook. Get off Instagram. Uninstall Twitter from your phone. All of it. These are portals to squandering your time. They invite “low value conversations” (LVCs) into your world. LVCs are the enemy of cash flow and growth.

2. Stop loading your calendar up with useless activities that drain your energy. This may include random conferences, travel, or networking events; studying things you have no business studying (like web design – unless you’re devoted to building a successful web design business); playing Pokéman, watching negative news, or other activities that don’t lead directly to sales. You already know which activities are stealing your time, energy, and money. Be strong and scrap them.

3. Scour your mindset for any “victim-mentality” ways of thinking that may be blocking you from sales. If you insist on over-complicating your sales…ask yourself why? Do you have a need for drama? What is causing you NOT to make it ridiculously easy for people to order your products? Are you secretly a socialist or allergic to money?

4. Set up a sales funnel for your most popular product. A “sales funnel” is an elegant system that automates the process of you making sales. Learn more about funnels by reading my blog post: “Sales Funnels 101: How to “Ass-Clown” Proof Your Home Business.”

5. Do something every day, or every week, to build your email list. Email your list daily, weekly, or as often as needed to bring in the profits you want. How often should you promote? That depends. How much money do you want to make? Which “rhythm” feels spacious, yet profitable to you? Develop a schedule and stick to it. Your email list is the perfect platform through which to motivate, educate, and inspire (MEI) people with your most creative and best thinking! It’s a great platform for giving your best.

How do these tips land for you?

Send me an email and let me know your thoughts or questions!

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