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Example of Level #1 of Consumer Awareness

In my report “The 8 Levels of Consumer Awareness Around Organic,” I talk about the necessity of tailoring your marketing messages to people at multiple levels of awareness.

This means making your marketing accessible to ALL levels of awareness — not just those who are super savvy and/or highly educated about your topic.

You want to cater directly to the people who are totally unaware AKA clueless about your message.

The following GQ Magazine video illustrates perfectly what I’m talking about.

In it, two famous musicians, Diplo and 2 Chainz, are listening to a convoluted speech about water. Eventually, they get to taste some diamond-capped water that costs $100K per bottle…and ultimately decide it’s not worth the price.

I love this video for two reasons. First of all, Diplo is hilarious – and happens to be a genius electronic dance music (EDM) producer, of which I’m a fan. (I’m also a new EDM producer myself.)

Secondly, I love how the video pokes fun at the confusing nature of the presentation. The speaker drones on about the “total dissolved solids” (TDS) found in some brands of bottled water.

You see the blank looks on Diplo and 2 Chainz’s faces…

You hear crickets in the background… (Translation: “we don’t have a clue what the fu#@k you just said.”)

Later you hear the almost silly comments they give in response to the presentation. (“Tastes like fruit…kinda,” says Diplo after tasting the $100K bottled water.)

Pay very close attention: their responses actually indicate the same level of awareness and thinking present in most consumers.

The look on their faces: “Huh?” explains it all. The deeper message about water flies right over their heads.

When it comes to water, these two musicians are at level #1 of consumer awareness – Unaware. (Read my full report to learn about all 8 levels of consumer awareness.)

Regardless of your industry, level #1 is exactly who you want to cater your marketing messages to. Doesn’t matter if you sell water, organic produce, organic snacks, chocolates, supplements, natural medicine, or anything else…

If Diplo and 2 Chainz can’t understand what you’re saying, then chances are your message is too complicated for the average consumer.

In the video above, the presentation was obviously catered to someone who is a bit more educated about water. For example, I know exactly what “total dissolved solids” (TDS) are – because I’ve done some research on it. I know that the quality and taste of water is entirely dependent on what’s present — or not present — in the water. In the case of bottled water, some companies intentionally add extra minerals to change the taste. However, the most “purist” of water lovers would probably believe that NOTHING belongs in water, other than water. The content of the presentation made sense to me.

While Diplo is a genius at producing electronic dance music, as you can see in this video, he’s pretty clueless about the water-making process — as are most people.

Unless they’ve already taken the time to thoroughly educate themselves about water, most consumers are at level #1 – unaware.

So you must assume they know nothing and make your marketing super simple and easy-to-understand.

A company selling high-quality bottled water, high-quality water filters, or related products would do well to come up with creative ways to dumb down their message.

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it works.

I’ve seen the proof in the form of my clients’ skyrocketing sales.

When my clients dumb down their message, they sell more.

When they insist on keeping their message convoluted and complex…they don’t sell.

It’s that simple.

Not coincidentally, at the end of the video 2 Chainz says he’ll stick with his Aquafina, Fiji, and Smart Water. Translation: he wasn’t sold on the idea of $100K water. The value wasn’t clearly communicated to him.

What’s the lesson we can learn from this?

The best marketing comes from simple, even “dumb” language that requires almost zero intellectual capacity to process.

And THAT kind of language takes a lot of work and effort to create in a marketing campaign.

It was E.F. Schumacher who said: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius…and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

In a confusing, noisy world, simplicity is rare. And it’s treasured.

As famous musicians, Diplo and 2 Chainz are constantly exposed to over-stimulating environments — concerts, fans wanting their autograph, people blowing up their phones, interview requests, etc. They’re bombarded 24/7 and don’t have the time or even the mental SPACE to think deeply about everything that crosses their path.

In many ways, this mimics the experience of the average consumer, who is also bombarded — perhaps by work demands, family demands…not to mention, the thousands of ads they’re subjected to each week in various media.

A person eventually becomes desensitized to anything even remotely complicated, and gravitates to that which is simple and almost brainless.

Therefore, keep your marketing as simple as possible. Don’t make people think too hard. Spell out your message in black and white detail.

Bonus points if you can make it fun and entertaining.

If you want my help with this, reach out.

Talk soon,

P.S. Simplifying your marketing messages can mean the difference between getting blank stares and “crickets”…or having people understand EXACTLY what you’re saying, and knowing EXACTLY why they should choose your products over others.

If you want to sell your product to a wider audience, keep it simple.

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Michelle Lopez Boggs is the author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. With a BA in English/Creative Writing and a background as a copywriter, editor, and anti-marketer, Michelle helps her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire...and sell. Buy the book here.

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