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I’ve often been asked by home business owners, “Can you please help me figure out how to increase my conversions?”

They’re talking about their conversion rate… i.e., the percentage of people who read their content and buy.

(Versus the percentage who read and DON’T buy.)

Your conversion rate shows you how effective your content is at selling.

It’s a pretty black and white number that can’t be argued with. You can measure it at various places.

Usually these business owners already have content written somewhere — a Google ad, a landing page, a sales page etc. — but something doesn’t feel right to them.

Something feels “off.”

And guess what? Readers can sense that something’s off. They read the content. They don’t buy.

…So the business owner has a low conversion rate (LCR).

Side effects of a LCR include not making enough sales to pay your bills… barely making ends meet… and having to shut down your doors and go back to a corporate job!

Just increase your conversion rate, and all of these problems are solved.

Many business owners tolerate a low conversion rate, because they don’t know that help is available.

Often they try to “mimic” what they see marketers doing, and this results in salesy, cheap-sounding content that readers are sick of seeing.

(The solution is anti-marketing.)

Having a low conversion rate sucks!… especially if you KNOW you have a great one-of-a-kind product, and you know it can help people in a major way.

It’s frustrating to have people read your content… only to “bounce” without buying or signing up…

“What the hell is wrong?” you start wondering.

Based on the last 5 years’ worth of work I’ve done with home business owners (lots of writing and editing), I’ve discovered there are several common problems that cause a low conversion rate.

The problem of a low conversion rate could be due to any of the following issues…

  • Your headline is dull
  • Your subheadlines are forgettable
  • Your website layout (or store page) is confusing
  • You’re being “too humble” in your product description, and you aren’t playing up the benefits of your product enough
  • There’s not enough information about how your product is DIFFERENT from similar products out there
  • You’re ranting about the wrong things (like Trump being president instead of all the f%#@ed up shit currently going on in your own industry!)
  • You haven’t shown readers why your product is WORTH the amount of money you’re charging for it
  • You’re hiding in some way (e.g., not posting your picture, not sharing your background, not sharing any personal stories, etc.)
  • Your content is literally not long enough… meaning you need to write MORE to make people feel comfortable buying from you
  • You need more EMOTION infused in your content, separating you from faceless corporate entities where no human seems to be behind the operation
  • You need to demonstrate actual STORIES of people using your product

Improving just ONE of these areas can make a huge difference in how many people buy your product.

Improving all of them is like putting your sales on steroids.

What can you do about it?

Look, you probably already know at this point I’m a copywriter / editor. I wasn’t always good, but I persisted, studied, applied what I learned, and got better.

Today, home business owners who work with me make a lot of money. I’m very proud of that.

That’s because I help them figure out exactly how to increase their conversion rate. It’s different for each business, but the principles guiding high conversion rates are always the same.

You don’t have to stay in the dark on WHY your conversion rate is low.

Simply email me a link to your content and I’ll see what’s missing, or what could be improved.

With me as a resource, you no longer need to tolerate a low conversion rate.

Go ahead and hit ‘reply’ to this email now.

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Michelle Lopez
Anti-Marketing Manifesto

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About the Author

Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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