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For any relationship to work successfully, there needs to be polarity — an equal balance between masculine and feminine energy, where the masculine is drawn to the feminine and the feminine receives the masculine.

This is one of the laws of the universe: you need BOTH feminine and masculine energy to create something. You need a good balance of both.

For example, there can’t be too much masculine energy from both parties — otherwise there’s too much competition, “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

There also can’t be too much feminine energy from both parties in a relationship, otherwise nothing ever gets done.

I’ll explain how this applies to growing a home-based business in a minute.

But first…for a relationship to work, one person must be PRIMARILY “masculine” and the other must be primarily “feminine.” Otherwise, there’s an imbalance and things don’t feel right. Notice I didn’t say ALL masculine or ALL feminine — because each person has a mixture of BOTH energies within them.

However, a person is PRIMARILY one or the other — masculine or feminine. A very masculine man can also has a bit of feminine energy in his personality…while a feminine woman can have a bit of masculine energy in her personality. Those parts need to be able to “dance” with each other effectively, while the individuals behave mostly in their “primary” roles.

(At times, even a feminine woman can act a little too masculine. Or vice versa. And that’s when difficulties arise in the relationship.)

How would you define “masculine”?

How would you define “feminine”?

For each person, the definition might be a little different.

I see masculine energy as initiating, leading, protecting, defending, creating. I think of it as “starting something,” “making something happen” and “choosing the direction of where something will go.”

I see feminine energy as receiving, nurturing, sharing, opening, and giving birth to a creation. It’s more like “allowing something to happen,” taking complete joy in that allowing, and consciously choosing what she allows. Rather than choosing the direction something will go in, the feminine chooses the level of depth that thing will reach (whether it’s a relationship or something else).

Now how does this apply to growing a home-based business?

Look at the language you use to communicate the value of your products. Is it too feminine? Is it too masculine? If so, there may be an imbalance. And this imbalance is costing you sales.

There should ideally be a mixture of both masculine and feminine energy in your marketing language. This will create maximum sales.

If your language is primarily masculine (think: factual, straight to the point, dry, logical) — add some emotions. Add something eccentric. Freak out about something. Show your vulnerable side. Share how you feel.

If your language is primarily feminine (think: flowery, emotional, caring about everybody, motherly) — add something “challenging” to your language. Call someone out. Swear. Pretend you’re one of the boys and get dirty playing in the mud.

Switching it up like this will create polarity in your language.

There’s nothing hotter than super masculine energy hooking up with super feminine energy…hell, I’m turned on just writing this. And there’s nothing more painfully imbalanced than “too much masculine” or “too much feminine” dwelling in the same space by themselves.

The same is true in writing.

Readers’ eyes light up when there’s a masculine and feminine dance going on in the material they’re reading. Subconsciously, they have no idea what’s going on…but you can bet they’re paying full attention.

That’s the perfect time to tell them about your products…when they’re paying attention!

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