Get a Sales Page with Your Human-ness & Personality!

Hi there, future client!

As an anti-marketer, you pour yourself into every facet of your biz.

Your values, your personality, your true self, your expertise…all of it.

Because if it doesn’t have “you” in it…then your biz is incongruent.

And people can sense that.

“What if I don’t know who I am?” you ask. Then you’ve been listening to too many self-help gurus.

You already know who you are.

It’s whoever you are, when no one is looking.

You were just taught to “doubt” who you are… so you avoid sharing.

Stop doubting that your true self is amazing and worth sharing with your Perfect Fit Customers.

Your “true self” needs to go into your sales pages! In fact, every piece of sales copy and everything you write (website copy, blog articles, email newsletter) should be infused with your personality, your unique voice, and your human-ness… aka your true self!

What makes you tick? What do you vehemently disagree with? What’s amazing about you? How do you SERVE people? That all goes into your sales page… in a way that comes across as humble.

This not only sells better…but it’s fun and engaging to read (for the people who are naturally drawn to you!).

Having written and edited countless sales pages, I’m a master at pulling out the gems of what makes you “you”…and weaving those into your sales copy.

The best part is, everyone is different. Every biz is unique.

So every sales page is different, too.

There’s no template, formula, or script to follow… (except for “the hero’s journey,” where YOU are the hero of your own story!!!)

There’s a structure and a logical flow, yes…

But the bulk of a sales page comes from pouring out your true self, your talents, and your knowledge (what you’ve spent your entire life mastering), into your sales page…and organizing it into a logical flow that makes your Perfect Fit Customers say, “Hell yeah! Sign me up!”

You guessed it… I can totally help you with your sales page.

My clients have made huge profits by pouring THEMSELVES into every facet of their business…including all their sales copy.

The sales page is where magic happens… if you dare to be your true self.

It’s where people buy from you over and over again… because they trust you… because you’ve shown them who you really are… and you’ve given them some eye-opening “aha’s” right on the sales page.

Click here to request help with writing or editing your sales page. You can request this for any page of your choice.

I will work with you personally to craft a page that you’re proud of, and which sells.

Who is a sales page for? It’s for you if:

  • You have a product or service with a successful track record of selling
  • You want to increase online sales
  • You want to automate your sales
  • You love big fat profits

If you don’t have a product or service with repeat customers, this is not for you.

Talk soon,

Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Founder, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto