Make Your Written Content F#%cking Shine!

Whether you’re writing a book, a sales page for your business, a funnel, or emails to your list… you need to make sure you’re giving your f#%$king best.

No one has the time or energy to read half-assed, mediocre content that doesn’t MEI (motivate, educate, or inspire). It’s 2021. Some think we’re in the end times, so we gotta make this shit count while we can. (And even if you don’t believe in all that… life is fragile, and your time here is not guaranteed!!! So what are you wasting time for?!)

Pour your mind, heart, and soul into your content… or don’t bother.

As a writer / editor / ghostwriter / copywriter… I’m here to make sure your writing:

  • Is well-organized, intuitively structured, and flows well
  • Has sharp insight, clarity, and it “pops” off the screen or page
  • Is memorable, life-changing, and REAL
  • Pulls people in and gives them a smooth, enjoyable reading experience
  • Motivates, educates, and inspires (MEIs)
  • Sells without being a sellout (see my book, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto for more on this topic)

As a professional writer, editor, and copywriter, I’ve edited everything from New York Times bestselling books and Amazon bestsellers, to high-performing sales copy, email/blog articles, and more.

I’ve helped my clients generate millions of dollars in profits by writing as their true self, in their authentic voice.


“Wow. Just wow, Michelle. You captured exactly what I wanted to say, even better than me. This is awesome. The edits came out really good and you kept my voice. I appreciate how you added a couple things for logic and spaced apart some others for readability. I can see what you did, and why. I love the way it turned out!”

– Jeff Milano, CEO, The People’s Chemist


“I’ve used your Anti–Marketing Jumpstart Kit for over 5 years and it’s been selling since day one! It’s like making sales on auto-pilot! The package is easily worth $10,000. Thank you!”

“Sign me up for your services again in 2017, Michelle! Thanks to your work we are always rocking our 7-digit biz, year after year…it’s not discounts I want. It’s value.”

– Shane Ellison, Founder, The People’s Chemist


“Michelle has written articles and promotional emails that have have helped us reach new clients and convert sales from our email list. We are very satisfied with her work and her ability to provide high quality copy even under very tight deadlines. The best part, she captures David’s unique voice and transforms his verbal teachings into easy to understand written communication…which is no small task!”

– Steph Tuss, CEO for David Neagle / Life is Now, Inc.


“Michelle Lopez has been very beneficial in preparing my book for publication. Her work is quick and thorough; she turns a few dozen pages around the same day. She has a sharp eye for spelling and grammar errors, as well as trickier issues like diction, sequencing, and readability. She catches word repetition, notes awkward phrases, identifies vague or confusing passages, and suggests improvements…It has been a pleasure working with her.”

– Dave Cullen, Author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Columbine


Who I Work With

When it comes to copywriting and editing services, I work high-level, established business owners, and my rates range from 4- to 5- figures depending on the project.

If you’re newer in business, trying to find your voice, or launching, you can request edits, critiques, and/or coaching from me at a much lower fee (starting in the low 3-figure range).

No matter what level you’re at, I recommend you always use the MEI principle (motivate, educate, and inspire) in every piece of your content. MEI’ing your audience is the foundation for “selling without being a sellout.”

Your best content will stir and move people emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This is the heart of memorable, life-changing content. It’s where you’re fully tapped into the universe, the source of all creation, and you’re in the zone, serving people and bringing out their best!!!

To work with me, email me a short summary of your project details, and we can hop on a quick Zoom call to discuss.

Talk soon,

Author, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout

P.S. Although I ghostwrite or edit your words for clarity, logic, and flow… you always have the final say in what your writing looks like. It’s your business, your voice, and your brand.


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