Writing & Editing Services from an Anti-Marketer Who “Gets” It

You have a strong brand & personality, unique product, and a positive message… plus, a solid customer base that loves your work. Great!

Now it’s time to ramp it up…

With a background in sales copywriting, editing, and “anti-marketing,” I can help you fine-tune and tweak your content and sales copy to perfection.

Services include:

  • Editing content such as emails, blog articles, landing pages, sales pages, books, and more
  • Writing unique content for your brand
  • Funnels, sales copy, Google ads, and optimizing your sales process (see more info on funnels here)

To work with me, email me your project details. If I’m available, we’ll talk further and I can provide a quote.

I only work with clients who embrace the mindset of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto.

It’s time to motivate, educate, and inspire your true fans!