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Every business is different, so I cannot sell the same “packages” to you as what I might be selling to other businesses.

You have a unique brand, voice, and style (not to mention, product or service) that requires 100% customization of your strategy and content.

I work with people who have a strong, unique, voice and brand…and who want to amplify their voice by WRITING to their fans (mainly through email list, blog articles, and sales copy that motivates, educates, and inspires).

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  • Articles (email & blog)
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  • All funnel content including sales pages, landing pages, email autoresponders, Google ad copy (read more about funnels here)
  • Books, ebooks, lead magnets
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“Sign me up for your services in 2017, Michelle! Thanks to your work we are always rocking our 7-digit biz, year after year…it’s not discounts I want. It’s value.”
~ Shane Ellison, Founder, The People’s Chemist

“Michelle has written articles and promotional emails that have have helped us reach new clients and convert sales from our email list. We are very satisfied with her work and her ability to provide high quality copy even under very tight deadlines. The best part, she captures David’s unique voice and transforms his verbal teachings into easy to understand written communication…which is no small task!”
~ Steph Tuss, CEO for David Neagle / Life is Now, Inc.

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More about me: I’m the author of the forthcoming book, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout, which is currently being prepared for publication.

I have 14+ years experience in writing, editing, copywriting, and a little bit of technical writing in various industries, including natural medicine, business coaching/consulting, energy industry, organic/healthy food products, spirituality, and more.

Today I work with very successful business owners and organizations who are spreading truth. Read more about The Anti-Marketing Manifesto!

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