Customer Spotlights:
A Unique Form of Content Writing
That Motives, Educates, &
Inspires Your Readers!

~ Make Massive Sales & Build Your Customer Base with Spotlights!

Dear Successful Home-Based Business Owner:

Do you have a fantastic product or service, and often receive TONS of unsolicited testimonials from happy customers or clients?

If so, keep reading!

I’m about to introduce you to my Customer Spotlight writing/editing service. Spotlights have the potential to help you motivate, educate, and inspire your email list, while driving massive sales.

What is a Customer Spotlight?

A “spotlight” is a short-ish written article (anywhere from 600-1200 words) that’s adapted from a customer testimonial.

It doubles as both an educational piece (educating people about your products/services), AND it drives sales.

A spotlight article highlights the successful “before & after” experience your customer had in working with your company and/or using your product.

It goes deeps enough into their experience, that it makes readers clearly see the value of your product or service.

Spotlights are a unique form of content writing that’s rarely utilized by home businesses. I’m here to change that…

Benefits of Broadcasting Customer Spotlights to Your Blog & Email List

In my experience working with some of the most successful home business owners on the planet, I’ve seen that spotlights can create massive sales, specifically through email…because they allow readers to get a vivid “taste” of how you can help them.

They don’t look or feel like typical marketing messages or ads.

They’re fun and interesting to read, and they appeal to your ideal customer/client big-time.

Spotlights allow you to:

Spotlights can be broadcasted to your email list (highly recommended), blog, social media, and anywhere else you can think of.

They’re the ultimate form of anti marketing content!

Who am I, and Why Should I Write & Edit Spotlights for Your Company?

My name is Michelle Lopez. I’m the founder of “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto,” a company that teaches people how to sell without being a sellout. I’m a content writer, copywriter, and editor who has worked with some of the most inspiring and successful home business owners on the planet.

I quit my day job in mid-2006 to start my own home-based writing business. I graduated with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since then, I’ve written and edited tons of content for a variety of clients over the years.

I got into the “internet marketing” & copywriting space in 2010…and rejected most of the typical marketing wisdom that was being taught at the time, because it didn’t feel right to me. I followed my own path, which led to me become an “anti-marketer” — someone who hates marketing but loves selling!

Today, I get great joy in helping my clients educate, motivate, and inspire their readers through great written content. When you work with me, I’ll learn your unique voice and write “as you.”

One of My Clients Made 7-Digit Profits from a Single Spotlight!

A client of mine, known as “The People’s Chemist,” made 7-digit profits from ONE single Spotlight!

That was ONE story from ONE happy customer, adapted into an article… and broadcasted to his email list.

(We’ve created hundreds of spotlights over the past 4+ years.)

Obviously, I can’t promise these same results to anyone. But what I CAN do is promise to help you leverage your best customer testimonials into life-changing written content that motivates, educates, and inspires. I’m great at asking the “juicy” questions that pull out the valuable story… and equally great at shaping and editing words to polished perfection.


“Sign me up for your services in 2017, Michelle! Thanks to your work we are always rocking our 7-digit biz, year after year…it’s not discounts I want. It’s value.”

– Shane Ellison, The People’s Chemist


“Bringing Michelle onto my team is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Michelle is not only a great writer, but she knows how to write copy that sells and she understands online marketing. That is a combined skill set that is difficult to find! Michelle is able to quickly write in different ‘voices’ to match our various clients’ styles. Our clients are constantly complimenting Michelle’s work and they are incredibly grateful for support in this area.”

~ Amy Lippmann, Marketing Strategist for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs


“We hired Michelle as a direct response copywriter and have been quite pleased with her ability to provide great copy. She is extremely reliable, self-motivated, and consistently delivers what she promises without ever missing a deadline. She has written sales pages, squeeze pages, website copy, autoresponders, postcard copy, and other materials for several of our clients. She is skilled at capturing different ‘voices’ for each client, while adhering to direct response copywriting principles. Additionally, Michelle is extremely easy to work with and highly professional.”

~ Megan Yakovich, Project Manager for Michele PW, Creative Concepts and Copywriting, LLC


“Michelle is sharp. She is a dedicated and hard worker. She has a lot of excellent ideas and she really understands all the tools, opportunities and latest technologies out there for online businesses. She helped me organize and promote my business to increase sales and interest. Best of all…she’s somebody I can bounce ideas off and get clear about what I want to do and help me execute it. Michelle Lopez is a great support for any business that wants to go to the next level.”

~Sydney Solis, founder of Storytime Yoga


How to Tell if Spotlights Would Be Beneficial for Your Home Business or Organization

Here are a few signs that Spotlights could work some serious magic for your business:

If you fit all or most of these criteria, I have confidence that spotlights could increase your business!

If you’d like to explore this, contact me to schedule a quick 20-minute phone chat.


“Michelle is both professional and thorough. She edited my material perfectly and, best of all, kept everything in my style. She even researched my Biblical citations and caught an error I had made. I’ve been using Michelle’s editing services for over 4 years and most highly recommend her!”

~ Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer, founder of Religion-Outside-the-Box


Michelle showed us how to go from using plain “information” in our sales copy to weaving in a compelling story line. We were able to shift our marketing, so that rather than talk about patients who needed help, we showed practitioners how our program would help them first – so that they, in turn, could help more patients. With Michelle’s creative direction, we brought in testimonials, we added more of Dr. O’Bryan’s personal messages and passion into the copy, and we learned how to use actual research quotes to reflect our credibility. Michelle helped our marketing team expand the vision of what’s possible.”

~ Karen Cortis, Executive Director for Dr. Tom O’Bryan


Want to Start Profiting off Customer Spotlights? Here’s How to Get Started…

I have a very simple process for writing and editing spotlights, that covers all the bases. I share this process with my clients.

If you’d like to explore how spotlights can benefit your unique business, let’s schedule a quick 20-minute phone chat to see if it’s a good fit. Contact

(If I’ve never heard of you before, I’ll ask you to fill out this short questionnaire, so I can learn a little about your business before we chat.)

Have questions? Need more info?


Michelle Lopez – Content Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Founder of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto