10 Anti-Marketing Tips

I’m a huge fan of building and promoting your business in a way that honors who you truly are. Life’s too short to try to copy someone else. If being the real you in business sounds fun, then check out these Anti-Marketing tips!

(And if you want copywriting and editing that reflects your true personality, reach out to me!)

#1 – Ignore Your Competitors

#2 – Go for Sales, Not Approval

#3 – Use Language That Would Freak Out a Typical PR Dept

#4 – Avoid Low-Value Conversations (LVCs)

#5 – Break up with Toxic Customers

#6 – Only Track Sales

#7 – Build Your True Power

#8 – Create Your Own Underground Society

#9 – Product First, Promotion Second

#10 – Preach, Bitches!


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