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What’s the story you tell yourself about yourself all day long?

Are you killing your own growth and momentum with negative ‘stories’ that you tell yourself?

If so, sign up this to mini-program and I’ll help you “revise” your story in your mind to one that actually moves you forward.

Here’s what will happen in this program:


Who Am I? A Copywriter Who Writes for 8-Figure Brands

It took me many years to stop sabotaging myself in business… so I understand all the different struggles you’re going through… financial problems, self-esteem, feeling awkward on camera, not believing you can succeed, succumbing to distractions, etc.

I went from being broke and living with my parents, hating my life in Colorado… to building a thriving copywriting business, writing for clients I love, moving to Arizona with the love of of my life, Dan… and now living my dream life as a copywriter.

If we haven’t met yet… my name is Michelle Lopez Boggs. I’m the author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. I work with, and have written for, some of the world’s top 6-, 7-, and 8-figure brands including:

I want you to succeed in business, so I’m going to help you revise the story you’ve been telling yourself about yourself.

Fact is, whatever you’re visualizing and ‘feeling’ all day long is creating the results in your business. You need a clear vision, or else your marketing and copywriting will fall flat… and nobody will believe you (let alone buy from you). So let’s fine-tune your vision and the ‘story’ you’re telling yourself!


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