The $250 Website Edit

If you’re a new client who has never worked with me before, I suggest starting with a simple edit either to your website, or one sales page of your choice.*

When I say “edit,” I’m referring to editing the writing — making it clearer, more succinct, more compelling, and more true to your real voice. I’m not referring to the design or layout of your website (although I may give you feedback on those elements.)

Your purchase includes:

  • A 30-minute Zoom call with me to discuss your business, brand, writing, and/or marketing
  • Feedback and light edits on your website copy (or 1 sales page) – this will give you an idea of my editing style and what you’ll experience if you purchase additional editing packages from me
  • Insight and advice customized to you that you can use, and profit from, in the future (1 page of my best tips, tailored for you)

This is a small sample project that lets us work together and try each other out.

To get started, email me your document or URL that you want edited, and submit a $250 payment through Paypal here. (I reserve the right to cancel and refund any order at my discretion.)

* Don’t need your website or sales page edited? You can also substitute this for 1 article (email or blog) of your choice, or up to 5 social media posts.