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Hi, I’m Michelle — writer, editor, copywriter, and founder of “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto.”

Every business needs a landing page (aka “lander”) — a short and sweet, simple web page that gives YOUR potential customers the ability add themselves to your email list.

A landing page is NOT your main website (although you can certainly have an opt-in form on your main site).

A landing page is dedicated solely to collecting email addys…nothing else.

Therefore, there are no other distractions or links on the page.

My “Anti-Marketing Jumpstart Kit” provides you with written content/copy for a landing page + 5 email autoresponders that you can use to automate the process of adding new potential customers to your database, so you can follow up with them and inspire them to make their first purchase with you.

When you do this in an orderly, seamless way… you make it very easy for people to quickly say, “Damn, I want this!”

After they make their first initial purchase with you… assuming your delivery is stellar… they’ll want to buy more. They’ll become a lifelong fan or customer.


Here’s what you’ll get as part of this package:

A Crisp & Clearly Written Landing Page

As an experienced copywriter & editor, I’ve written dozens of successful landing pages for my clients.

I will write your landing page copy from scratch… or edit existing copy that you’re already using.

I will focus on packing all of the gems you offer into one short “above-the-fold” opt-in offer… and then expanding it with additional details (if needed) “below the fold.” (Usually shorter is better.)

I’ll eliminate anything that might be getting in the way of you collecting email addresses of your ideal customers or clients.

Copy Written for 5 Email Autoresponders — that Motivate, Educate, and Inspire People!

…Because Email Followup is Essential if You Want a Successful Business!

It’s shocking how many business owners collect email addys…but then do nothing with them. They don’t follow up. They don’t motivate, educate, or inspire. Nothing!

…Then they wonder why people aren’t buying. They wonder why their business isn’t growing.

Duh. You need to follow up with people!

I’ve found that following up is THE best way to make ongoing sales!

There are ways to do this so that it feels fresh and exciting every time.

(Note: I once followed up with a potential client a YEAR LATER — after he said “no thanks” to my original offer — and this time, he said yes, and purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of copywriting and editing projects from me! That is the power of following up!)

After people subscribe to your list via your landing page, you can’t just let them sit there for weeks or months and forget about you… that is the fastest path to decimation!

That’s why you need email autoresponders.

These strategically written, short emails work like magic to motivate, educate, and inspire new subscribers.

The result: people quickly to make their first purchase with you!

These short, simple emails introduce people to your company, brand, philosophy, values, products, and top selling points… in a way that’s fascinating to read. (Not in “salesy” way, but in a way that uplifts people!)

[Technical FYI]: You can plug your email followups directly into your email service provider (e.g., GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, etc.), and have them sent automatically to new subscribers based on a pre-determined schedule that I’ll help you create.

One of my clients, known as “The People’s Chemist,” made 7-digit profits from one single followup email sent to his list!


Option to Add Design & Tech Setup of Your Landing Page

Beautiful, fast-loading design is often the “missing piece.” It can make the difference between whether you succeed big… or struggle.

For an additional fee of $450, I can provide design/tech setup of your landing page (by using my own designers/contractors). If you choose this option, I will oversee the entire process, so that don’t have to think about it.

OR… I can work with your designer and/or tech person to help them create a beautiful landing page. (For example, I might suggest to them, “Put the bullets here…” or “Move the testimonials there for better flow…” or “Add a graphic here…” etc.) If you already have a designer/tech person, this collaboration is FREE to you, as part of the Jumpstart Kit.



Imagine you have a landing page that is collecting email addys of your IDEAL CUSTOMER every single day…

AND, you also have an email followup sequence that is giving those people the right information, at the right time, to make them want to buy from you!

This is one of the first critical steps to creating sales on autopilot!

Let me help you write the content for your killer landing page + email autoresponders!

Unlimited revisions are included on this package in case you “hate” my writing or it’s not quite right! We will get it right.

“The package is easily worth $10,000. I’ve used your Anti-Marketing Jumpstart Kit for over 5 years and it’s been selling since day one! It’s like making sales on auto-pilot! Thank you!” ~ Shane Ellison, Founder, The People’s Chemist


Who Needs the Jumpstart Kit…?

This package is for business owners who:

If you don’t have all of these things place, but still want my help, contact me for other options.

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