Sell Without Being a Sellout

This book helped my client have a 6-figure DAY!


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Do you want to build a sustainable, ethical, profitable business without ever feeling like a sellout?

Are you willing to be your true self in business and accept the consequences—and rewards—of doing so?

People are sick to death of being targeted, manipulated, and conned into sales that don’t enrich their lives. Humanity deserves better than predatory marketing.

Customers want to do business with real people, not fakes. They want the truth—your truth—not your BS.

In today’s age of increasing transparency, you have to look inside and get 100% real with yourself.

With her sharp, expressive writing style, veteran anti-marketer Michelle Lopez Boggs walks you through her unique philosophy for selling without being a sellout.

In this book you’ll discover:

* Why customers are done with predatory marketing and why you should use the MEI principle—Motivate, Educate, and Inspire—as the foundation for all your content and communication

* How being your true self (flaws, emotions, quirks, and all) is the most valuable currency and the most satisfying path to profits

* How to infuse your unique voice, personality, talents, and perspectives into every facet of your business (from your packaging and email newsletter to your funnel) and how critical this is for growth

* The profit-butchering enemy of your attention—and what to focus on instead

* Why you should keep the three ride-or-die essentials on your desk (and learn to say “f*ck everything else”)

Part sales and marketing, part self-development, and packed with examples and research, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto will guide you to big profits by bringing your best to the people you’re here to serve.