Momentum in Sales

In between watching roadrunners scurry across our desert backyard lawn... I respond to client emails and record quick, micro-audios answering their questions and providing insights on the things they're wondering about. I'm working with several clients who've...

Good Financial Habits (New Vids!)

In the dozens of interviews I've done this year with entrepreneurs who are facing an existential crisis... They all have one thing in common: their finances weren't in order, causing everything to fall apart! Actually, one person I talked to had 6 months of expenses...

Our Arizona Move is Complete!

Our Arizona Move is Complete!

Good morning anti-marketer! As I type this email, I'm sitting in our new kitchen in Mesa, Arizona, sipping warm, organic ginger tea before Dan wakes up. A week ago, we arrived at our furnished rental house (pic above), at 8:30 pm on a Friday night. It was dark...

Don’t Take Freedom for Granted

If last year taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take freedom for granted. We can’t take *anything* for granted. That’s a surefire way of losing it. Freedom is something you work for. It’s just not handed out. Freedom is something you must value. If you don’t value...

Get Your Finances Right

Get Your Finances Right

Profits and sales solve a lot of problems in business... But if your finances are a mess, due to poor financial habits, you'll quickly create the same problems again... and even bigger ones (and not because you're up-leveling, but because you're being stupid with your...

Marketing ‘Tactics’ Don’t Work if You Hide

These days, people are missing one obvious truth in business: YOU are what sells your product best. Not a marketing tactic, not an ad, not other people (i.e., affiliates), but YOU... Your energy, your health, your personality, your attitude, the degree to which you're...

The Pace & Rhythm of Your Business

"To aim low means to accept mediocre accomplishment." - Ryan Holiday describing Steve Jobs' mentality   Happy Tuesday! Is it May already?! WTF!? Hope your 2021 is rocking it... mine is. I can barely keep up with all the writing work coming my way. Between writing...

[New Vid] Morning Process Opens All Doors!

[New Vid] Morning Process Opens All Doors!

Having a solid morning process / daily process has been a key piece in being able to see all the "opportunities" this quarter. If you don't have a solid daily process nailed down... check out my latest YouTube vid: "Morning Process Opens All Doors!" You can either go...

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