Momentum in Sales

In between watching roadrunners scurry across our desert backyard lawn… I respond to client emails and record quick, micro-audios answering their questions and providing insights on the things they’re wondering about. I’m working with several clients...

Good Financial Habits (New Vids!)

In the dozens of interviews I’ve done this year with entrepreneurs who are facing an existential crisis… They all have one thing in common: their finances weren’t in order, causing everything to fall apart! Actually, one person I talked to had 6...
Our Arizona Move is Complete!

Our Arizona Move is Complete!

Good morning anti-marketer! As I type this email, I’m sitting in our new kitchen in Mesa, Arizona, sipping warm, organic ginger tea before Dan wakes up. A week ago, we arrived at our furnished rental house (pic above), at 8:30 pm on a Friday night. It was dark...

Don’t Take Freedom for Granted

If last year taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take freedom for granted. We can’t take *anything* for granted. That’s a surefire way of losing it. Freedom is something you work for. It’s just not handed out. Freedom is something you must value. If you don’t value...


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