About Michelle & The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

My name is Michelle Lopez. I’m the founder of “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto,” a company that teaches people how to sell without being a sell-out. I help successful home business owners & organizations produce written content that makes their brand shine.

I graduated with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder…although, admittedly, I threw away my degree after I was done, because it doesn’t define who I am!

I quit my former cubicle job (in customer service) in 2006 and have been working at home ever since.

If you’re looking for great written content that educates, motivates, and inspires your audience, then you’re in the right place.


FYI: Old School Marketing & Selling are Dead

The average consumer is tired of lame, stupid marketing messages that insult their intelligence.

They’ve learned to ignore it and tune it out.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in open rates, click rates, and conversions in your sales… that could mean your marketing and sales copy are no longer working… because you’re relying on old, outdated tactics that are dying.

As a home business owner or organization, this leaves you with two options:

  1. Try to sell using traditional marketing techniques that feel slimy? or….
  2. Embrace the way of the anti-marketer?

Almost everyone I’ve talked to fears looking like an “ass clown” — AKA one of those pushy sales people who tries to manipulate a sale.

The good news is…you don’t have to be a sellout, in order to sell.

Fact is, people want to do business with people who are REAL.

Consumers are looking for companies that can tell them the truth, and motivate and inspire them to be their best. (They’re NOT looking for more “marketers” who sell them junk they don’t want or need!).


Anti-Marketing is Selling Without Being a “Sellout”

Anti-marketing is about being your real self, writing like you talk, and competing with no one except your “former self.”

It’s not about “targeting a market” (which sounds super creepy and even violent), it’s about GIVING YOUR BEST and inspiring the right people to buy from you.

Life is too short to follow someone else’s formulas, scripts, rules, or “swipe files.”

Forget what other marketers are doing…and BE YOU. Embrace your imperfections, your unique personality, and quirks!

To learn more about the anti-marketing philosophy, download my free “10 Anti-Marketing Tips: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout.”


Stop “Targeting” People…Start Inspiring!

If you’d like to receive my 1-on-1 help creating written content that motivates, educates, and inspires your customer base, while driving sales…then let’s talk!

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Send me an email and introduce yourself. Tell me about your business. We can also set up a time to chat by phone if you prefer.

I work with successful home business owners and organizations who have a great product or service. I’d love to help you grow your biz with unique written content that reflects who you really are.


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Michelle Lopez
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