About Michelle & The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

Hi! I’m Michelle Lopez Boggs. I’m a writer, copywriter, editor, and author of the forthcoming book, “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout” (currently in production). I help business owners motivate, educate, inspire, and sell through their writing.

After quitting my customer service job in 2006, I started my writing business and never looked back. One of my first projects was editing and performing research for the New York Times bestselling book, Columbine. Armed with a BA in English/Creative Writing, I worked as a technical writer, then switched to copywriting, editing, and finally, anti-marketing.

I’ve helped my clients sell millions of dollars worth of products and services online by “writing as their true selves.”

I live in Colorado with my fiancé, Dan, and we both love to travel. When I’m not doing my “magic” on written words, I’m usually reading, hip hop dancing, binge-watching the latest F’d up show on Netflix, or talking to Jesus.

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The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

I define anti-marketing as “selling without being a sellout.”

The AMM principles are:

1. Treat People as People, Not as Targets

2. Motivate, Educate, Inspire…and Sell!

3. Stop “Getting” Customers, Start Giving

4. Measure the Right Things (Spoiler Alert: It’s Your Sales)

5. Ditch the Vanity Metrics

6. Share Insight Often

7. Write How You Talk

8. Build Your Email List Like Your Life Depends on It!

9. Grow Your List with a Funnel You Love

10. Don’t Outsource Your Essentials

11. Build a Premium Brand

12. Your Only “Competition” is Your Former Self

13. Be Congruent AF

14. Grow, and Be a Rebel for a Good Cause!


A Few Pics…


Me (right) with my fiancé, Dan, hiking in Castle Pines, Colorado


Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


Getting styled in Charleston, South Carolina

If you’d like to read an early copy of my book, “The “Anti-Marketing Manifesto,” before it’s published, send me an email.

~ Michelle Lopez