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Reader Feedback for The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

“Every business owner should read this book! I’ve never read anything like it. We’re living in a time that calls us to be innovative and ethical—and to serve humanity. This is the perfect business/ marketing book to usher us into this new era.

“Michelle is a revolutionary, and her concepts are real, raw, and authentic…She over-delivers by providing creative solutions to building a business in ways that encourage and inspire growth. As a person who despises sound bites, I felt as though I was listening to a friend when I read this book, especially because of the humor that Michelle infuses throughout her work. For all of the anti-marketers out there, this book is the healing remedy you need in order to build a business and create financial freedom with a conscience.”
— Sonya Karl


“Must Read! I devoured this book in 2 days! Michelle did such an amazing job clearly explaining her M.E.I process and giving real life examples. This book helped show me that I can have a sustainable business that stays in line with my values and can feel good about! I’m so excited to put these things into play and see the positive changes that come for me as an individual and my company.”
— M. Bingaman


“All Businesses Should Market This Way! As a striving entrepreneur, I’ve read, heard, and attended many business conferences where the marketing strategies being spewed are ones that make people feel like they’re broken and that without your services, they’re going to continue getting themselves into deeper holes. I’ve always intuitively felt that this was a gross way about doing business, but I was surprised as to how many entrepreneurs, especially ones who are in the personal development world, were implementing these strategies.

Reading Michelle’s “Anti-Marketing Manifesto” was a sigh of relief that there are entrepreneurs that know how to market with dignity and that they genuinely want to help people right from the jump; not making them feel less than in their marketing strategy of attempting to acquire them as a client. From her MEI (Motivate, Educate, and Inspire) principle to her knowledge of understanding that building an email list should be your priority over worrying about building vanity metrics (social media likes, following, comments, etc.) I agree with her anti-marketing manifesto.

At whatever stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are in, I recommend reading this book so you can adapt and integrate a way of marketing that truly helps people and will build trust between you and your perfect-fit clients.
— Andre Arellano


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