* Welcome to this secret page! Disclaimer: I’m not a professional musician. I just find it fun piecing together sounds. Most of these songs and snippets are the result of me playing around in GarageBand for hours.

EDM (Newer songs appear at top)

Mind Blown


First Class Thump

Galaxy Shift

Gear Up

Nursery Howl

Tiny Toys Have Rights


This group are some of my favorites and will probably be together on an album, in this order:

Good Lives

High Energy Lifestyle

Siren Heaven

Military Like

Oriental Options

Game AF

Darkness Abounds

Tiger Yawn

Step to That


Miscellaneous (probably won’t be used in an album)

I Don’t Think So


Semi Chaotic

Viben On – helped my mom make this song using her voice lol


Group 1 (probably will be used in an album)

Carnival Bound – one of my favorites – weird

Warped Piano – weird AF and sick AF

Unrequited – was literally crying when I composed this

Doghouse – I was told this one is “mysterious”


Depths of a Dream

Funny It’s Raining






Fire by the Poolside



Me Starting to Experiment with GarageBand Samples:

Entranced – reminds me of Paul Oakenfold


80s Space Jam

Airy Phased Anvil

Celestial – remix of 6th melody drums

Adams Fam – remix of 6th melody drums


Additional songs created manually with keyboard:

Quentin’s Palace (mastered)

Oh Dexter

Arabic Drums (Human Freedom Song)


Elevator Trance

Trumpet Angel



Techno Song

Hit Song

Deep Bass


Smoke and Mirrors

Song 1 with everything

Aztec Creation

Piano Tribal Song

Conor McCartwheels

Child at Play

Mario Bros


The very first “electronica” song I made — the night I bought my keyboard (~2014) using a creepy melody that I remembering composing in 6th grade:

“Track 4 – 6th Grade Melody”