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Hi, I’m Michelle Lopez Boggs!

I’m experienced copywriter, editor, and the author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout.

I’ve written copy for 8-figure brands, including “The People’s Chemist” (YouTube here) and David Neagle of Life is Now, Inc. (Instagram here). I also work with Wes Watson (67 million+ views on YouTube). I’ve worked with many smaller clients as well, helping them profit more by using the MEI principle–motivate, educate, and inspire (as outlined in my book).

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A Few Writing Samples

Books I’ve written:

Book sales copyclick here for PDF

Landing page (This page crushed it with a Facebook ad and Instagram promoted posts)

AdInstagram ad promoting a free copy of my book (view it on YouTube here)

Sales — I wrote and/or edited a considerable amount of sales copy and email marketing content for TPC since 2013

Sales page – This page helps sells a $7500 program


Books I’ve edited include:


Written interviews:


Me with my furry little friend, Chloe

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