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Hi, I’m Michelle!

As an experienced copywriter, editor, and content writer, I can help you motivate, educate, inspire, and sell through your writing!

I work with successful businesses and organizations who want high-quality, ongoing content (both sales copy + educational content).

I also have a background as a technical writer, taking complex ideas and simplifying them. No matter what your content needs are, I can help you produce clear, engaging writing that strengthens your brand, while increasing your online sales.

In the past 14+ years, I’ve written and edited 1000s of emails and blog articles, dozens of sales pages, landing pages, Google ads, funnel content, email autoresponders, and more. I’ve even edited three bestselling books.

Below are a few of my most popular writing samples:


Writing Samples

Sample book chapter — from my forthcoming book, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout (click here for PDF)

Educational article — explaining what a sales funnel is and its basic parts: “Sales Funnel 101: The Basic Components of an ‘Anti-Marketing’ Funnel.”

Books I’ve edited include:

Written interviews:

Sales page – this is a men’s natural prostate supplement from The People’s Chemist. I wrote this as part of my client’s sales funnel, using his material and voice. (Disclaimer: I receive a portion of all sales on this product.)

Sales – this is a multivitamin product with zero artificial ingredients, fillers, or sugar added. I wrote this for The People’s Chemist using his material and voice.

Landing — I wrote this for an organic chocolate company. The page increased opt-ins to the client’s email list.



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To request a sample project (writing or editing) for your business, contact me here.