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You want better-performing sales copy?

Then study the chapter “The Impression of Increase” from Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich.

The book is not about sales copy…BUT it’s about conveying the impression of increase and advancement to everyone you deal with.

What does that mean?

It means you’re giving people the impression that by doing business with you, their lives are advancing forward in some way.

Not backwards…FORWARD!!!

It’s a simple principle… it’s almost “invisible,” like something you can’t discern.

But people feel it.

It’s the essence of anti-marketing!!!

When you sit down to write your sales copy, you can convey the impression of increase simply by focusing on the idea that you’re giving increase.

Before writing, I like to ask myself a question such as:

“How can I write this [email / article / etc.] in a way that creates the most good for readers’ lives, while driving sales for the business?”

That “win-win” sentiment transfers into the writing and creates a positive ripple effect for all involved.

This ensures I’m in the right mindset to even write the email in the first place!!

Try it for yourself! By asking yourself a question like that, your mind begins to convey the impression of increase.

Michelle Lopez
Anti-Marketing Manifesto


P.S. On a more practical level, ALWAYS USE THE P.S. SECTION OF YOUR EMAIL to plug a product! I’ve had clients tell me they generated millions in additional sales just by incorporating this simple tip into their email writing.

The P.S. section is the most-read part of an email. People will often skip the body of an email and jump directly to the P.S…and if you’ve got a juicy offer in there, many of them will buy the product without even reading the full email. Experiment accordingly.

If you don’t want to offer a product in the P.S., you can offer an IDEA or a concept that reinforces your teaching or your brand. This is also a form of giving the impression of increase.

About the Author

Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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