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I’ve just realized something profound:

I don’t know everything.

(Chuckle.) For the past few years, I’ve been acting like I know everything.

And I don’t.

For the past few years, I’ve been getting mad when people “fail” to see what I see.

Self-news-flash: That’s because everyone has a different vantage point!

The purpose of my business is to be a supporter of other businesses. I do that primarily through copywriting and editing.

And that’s where I get great joy.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been acting like a supporter. My mindset has been along the lines of, “Fuck everyone. They’re doing it wrong.”

That’s not very supportive. I’ll admit it!

Holding the viewpoint that “Everyone else is wrong” is the equivalent of “I know everything; I’m always right.”

And you know what? This mindset is a form of hiding.

A mentor recently said, “In order for a person to stay safe, they have to accept a mindset that’s counterproductive to their own purpose. A false premise.”

I realized my “Fuck everyone; they’re doing it wrong” mindset has been keeping me hidden.

Furthermore, this viewpoint isn’t actually mine. It’s someone else’s.

It got downloaded into my brain, and I took it on as my own.

Funny thing is, when you’re under the spell of a false premise (i.e., a viewpoint you hold that’s not really yours), you surround yourself with other people who agree with you…so you can verify the false premise as real.

Up until now, almost everything and everyone in my life has confirmed and/or reinforced the idea of, “Fuck everyone. They’re doing it wrong.”


This viewpoint does not represent my true nature, and I’m letting it go.

At my core, I’m a very peaceful, happy person. And when I’m being my true self, others are at peace around me. (The little girl dancing in this video is a perfect representation of who I am deep down!)

Deep down, my true mindset is that life is unfolding perfectly. (Because “God is good all the time.”)

People are always choosing their own experiences, whether they’re aware of it or not… and that’s perfect. It’s beautiful, actually. It means there’s no such things as victims, only participants.

The biggest challenge the leaders of this world face today is simply helping people gain that awareness.

THAT is my true viewpoint.

I realized my brand and my “style” have not 100% reflected my truth.

Instead it has reflected a kick-ass “Ultra Bitch who knows everything.”

(That’s actually not me!)

This “accidental incongruence” pushed away a few people who probably would have greatly benefited from working with me (and vice versa).

I take responsibility for that.

This realization has been liberating and eye-opening.

It didn’t come easily. I had to really separate MY true thoughts from the thoughts (i.e., mindsets) of other people.

Now I can relax and simply be what I’m designed to be:

A supporter of good, ethical businesses.

I support people through copywriting and editing. It’s really that simple!

I get great joy from helping people write and edit content that feels good to them, while getting them sales.

If you’ve been doing some version of my mistake — accepting a mindset that’s counterproductive to YOUR purpose — don’t beat yourself up over it.

We’re all conditioned from birth to be someone we’re not. It’s very easy to fall into that trap.

Awareness of this simple truth will begin to change everything for the better.

On that note, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Wednesday!


About the Author

Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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