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Life is a continuous process of “deleting everything that’s not the real you.”

In fact, 99% of the most important work you’ll ever do in life is deletion!… also known as “letting go.”

One of the biggest problems that blocks businesses from reaching new customers and RETAINING them… is that those business owners are holding onto things that they actually need to delete.

For example, they may be cluttering their promotional work with “non-authentic” stuff.

They may be doing something out of ego.

Or they may be doing certain things out of fear… fear of others not liking them, for example.

These are delete-worthy behaviors.

They don’t stem from the real you.

(The “marketer” does all of those things…but not the anti-marketer!)

Why delete?

Sometimes deleting or letting go of a certain behavior can make you tons more money… because your time and energy are freed up to do razor-sharp, highly effective activities that bring in more, cleaner revenue.

…”Cleaner” meaning there’s more profit, more efficiency, and easier delivery of the product or service.

Most people don’t want to delete. They want to add.

As a result, they can’t say no.

Their life gets cluttered with sh#t that doesn’t serve them, or anyone else.

Deletion is liberating!

As a writer/editor, I’m always using the delete key!!!! It’s essential for success!

Talk soon,

Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Founder, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

P.S. Delete the things from your sales funnel, your website, and other content that are blocking customers from placing orders with you, and making big repeat purchases over time.

Get started by ordering a “quick edit.” I’ll review, edit, and delete anything that isn’t serving you or the customer.

To get started, tell me about your business and send me any relevant URLs. If I think I can help, I’ll send you the payment link.

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