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In the dozens of interviews I’ve done this year with entrepreneurs who are facing an existential crisis…

They all have one thing in common: their finances weren’t in order, causing everything to fall apart!

Actually, one person I talked to had 6 months of expenses saved up and she still couldn’t weather the storm of 2020… She was like, “I’m seeing that need a year’s worth of savings, or 2 years, or fuck it, 5 years’ worth of expenses saved.”

One girl had $13K saved and no debt… but she still lives with her dad and doesn’t believe she can move out. Her dad also guilt-trips her into staying with him!!

Most people I talked to had so much debt, they were buried in payments. All the money they could have spent growing their business today was paying off the past.

For business owners, the truth is, if you have money problems, you’ve gotta clean that shit up…like now.

It’s one thing to earn a lot of money, but if you don’t know how to properly allocate it or what to do with it… you’re just gonna create bigger messes (and probably MORE debt).

If you’re on camera, making videos, sharing social posts, marketing your business or yourself in any way… you’ll have that embarrassing thought lurking in the back of your mind that says, “My money situation is a mess; I’m a fraud.”

So you’ve got to clean that up asap.

Part of the problem is, nobody ever taught us the basics… Nobody ever sat down and said, “Here are good financial habits you’ll want to adopt.”

That’s why simple shit eludes smart people.

Whether it’s debt… paying your bills on time… saving more… budgeting for your own freedom… or all of the above… you have to learn how to handle the basic shit first.

Even if you made 10x more money this month, it would all slip through your fingers because you lack basic good financial habits.

I just released 3 new videos on the topic of money, based on my own experience and learning:

Everything I discuss in these vids helped me tremendously, so I know it’ll help others. Each vid is 10-15 minutes… dig in and listen while you’re prepping your breakfast or cleaning your kitchen!

4 Habits to Clean Up Your Financial Mess:


Detangling Emotions from Your Finances:


My 6 Biggest Money Regrets / “Mistakes”:

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