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Remember the original Ninja Turtle movies?

I used to love those.

Raphael’s bad attitude was the best.

Michelangelo’s goofball nature was excellent.

Being somewhat of a tomboy growing up, I always bonded with the turtles in my own mind.

I liked that they were underground…hidden…and fighting the evil of the world.

I adored their quick-witted personalities, how they got locked in on pizza, how they were fast on their feet, how they were masters of their weapons…and of course, how they spontaneously broke into random dance.

Remember their master, Splinter, the rat?

Our new puppy has Splinter’s eyes.

She has the eyes of someone with ancient wisdom. A little warrior.

Our puppy must have been a ninja in a past life. Now she’s come to train us how to control ourselves, how to be patient…as we teach her.

I worked with her for a bit today, feeding her pieces of turkey as a reward for calm behavior.

I showed her how to slow down when she eats. (Previously, she would gobble up bits of food too fast and go crazy, barely chewing on anything.)

“Slow,” I would say, in a long, drawn-out voice, while holding a piece of turkey to her nose.

Want more treats? Then slow down…be calm…collect yourself.

That’s the lesson she’s learning.

It’s amazing to see an animal learn so quickly.

Humans are usually much slower.

We get set in our ways…we waste energy defending things we don’t need to…we “scramble” when it would be in our best interests to just slow down.

Slow isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

It’s where the real power is.

Nature is slow. Nature doesn’t crank out a tree or a flower overnight. It takes time for those things to grow and develop.

Our puppy has tons of energy, and is too aggressive at times.

All that means is that she needs a really good trainer who can be patient with her, as she learns to channel her energy appropriately.

Tomorrow she starts puppy training school.

It will be interesting to see how the human trainer responds to this little ninja puppy’s energy.

Talk soon,

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