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As I adjust to my “sort of” daily email schedule for 30 days — I’m reminded of how habitual of a creature I am.

When I’ve created a habit, almost nothing can break it.

The hard part is starting a new positive habit, or breaking a bad habit.

It takes a huge amount of awareness, conscientiousness, effort, and will power when you’re first forming a habit…but after you’ve solidified it, everything runs on autopilot.

Like learning to drive, it can be very awkward and challenging at first.

This morning I was tempted to sleep in because the bed was so warm and cozy…and it’s been snowing all night here in Colorado. All the cars in our lot are buried under six inches of snow!

But right at 7:59 am, I jumped out of bed…so that I could win my “Yes” for the day.

“Yes, I got up early.”

(That’s early to me lol.)

It’s my habit…in progress.

8:00 am doesn’t cut it. It’s got to be 7:59 am or earlier. That’s the standard I created for myself recently.

I’m building that new habit.

Previously, I considered “9:15 am or earlier” to count as “waking up early.” I rocked that goal for 5 months, then decided to challenge myself even further.

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have control over our habits, but we do.

It’s usually a small choice, in the moment, to do something positive even if it seems inconvenient.

Predatory marketers try to get people to sink into bad habits (like eating junk food, taking unnecessary meds, going into debt to get “points,” and being brainless consumers), so they can profit off them…

But #FuckMarketing.

The Anti-Marketing Manifesto is about helping people create positive habits for their life!

What positive habits are you inspiring your customers to develop?

Are you MEI’ing them with great content that actually makes them WANT to create a better habit for their life?

(MEI = motivate, educate, inspire.)

About the Author

Michelle Lopez Boggs is the author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She has helped her clients sell millions of dollars’ worth of products and services online by writing as their true selves and crystallizing their human emotions onto the “page.” With a background as a professional copywriter, editor, and "anti-marketer," Michelle teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire...and sell. Buy the book here.

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