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I’m feeling antsy. Nervous.

I’m sitting at my desk, sipping black tea…looking out the window of my downtown apartment.

I see people walking by and construction trucks and cars driving by… while thinking about upcoming activities in my life that are going to “stretch” me as a person.

Next week I fly to Seattle to see Elizabeth Gilbert, as part of an event hosted by Darla LeDoux.

Elizabeth sold millions of copies of her bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love. She’s known for leaving everything behind that wasn’t making her happy, traveling the world, and finding the love of her life on the other side of the globe. (And now she’s dating a woman!)

She’s known for doing things that feed her soul — even if these things seem unconventional or irrational to people who’ve never dared to do such things. (She’s a true Anti-Marketer!)

Elizabeth will be leading an intimate workshop with our group on how to create “big magic” in our own lives. (Her new book on creativity is titled Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.)

I’m nervous because I know another breakthrough is coming. In fact, it’s already in progress — it started the moment I registered for the event.

Since that moment, I instantly began examining every aspect of my life, asking myself, “Is this truly making me happy? Is this really want I want? Or am I settling?”

Each time I’ve had the urge to travel somewhere and attend an event like this — filled with people who have done extraordinary things in their own lives — I’ve felt “nervous” the week before…hell, even the month before.

Putting oneself in a new environment and stretching oneself to pay more money to make it happen…isn’t for the faint of heart.

For me personally, I’ve always come back from my travels with a greater understanding of myself.

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” said Socrates.

“Know thyself.”

Life is just a continual series of opportunities to know yourself, and to create yourself into whatever you want…while stripping away anything that doesn’t fit with your vision.

But most people don’t even give themselves permission to create a vision.

I am someone who has always prioritized self-knowledge. I journal daily, I reflect on my life constantly, and I love to think. I also take a lot of action. But even with the countless eclectic experiences I’ve had throughout my life…sometime I feel like I don’t know a damn thing about myself!

Sometimes it feels like starting from scratch, just waking up in the morning.

“Who am I going to be today?”

All I can do is continue gravitating towards the experiences that call to me, the things that excite my soul, the things that whisper, “This might be fun to try.”

…This is why I put myself in new environments.

…This is why I give myself new experiences.

…This is why I do whatever I want. (My only enemy is my mind.)

I don’t know about you, but I intend to go through the remainder of my life completely understanding who I am, what I desire, why I do the things I do, and how to exercise 100% of the amazing power I’ve been given (that I may not be currently using…due to fear).

This is my commitment to myself.

And for those who register for my upcoming workshop on the fear of rejectionI am committed to helping you know your true power, so you can sell more products.

Talk soon,

Anti Marketing Manifesto

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