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A few days ago, I learned how to shoot a gun for the first time.

After years of speculating what it must be like (and making “plans” with people who promised to teach me but always failed to follow through)…it was exhilarating to finally pull the trigger!

I’m not a gun person at all. I don’t believe in apocalypses or impending doom (unless one chooses to create that for themselves).

My boyfriend grew up around guns, is very comfortable with them, and often hunted as a kid. Upon learning that I’d never been shooting before, he offered to teach me.

“Let’s do it,” I said.

I was pretty nervous at the idea though.

He took me to an indoor shooting range. We brought our own ammo (“zombie bullets”), bantered with the white-haired guy at the front desk, signed a waiver… put on ear and eye protection and headed to the shooting area.

Every couple of seconds, loud booms erupted, courtesy of other people shooting.

My nerves were rattled. The thought of me holding a loaded gun…let alone using one…was terrifying!

Dan showed me how to properly hold the gun. Flustered, I didn’t even want to click the safety off… he did it for me the first couple times. He also loaded the ammo each time.

I had to come to grips with this heavy object that had the power to end (or save) a life.

But in truth, a gun is only as “powerful” as the person using it.

This was my opportunity to face my fear head on.

Earlier I had asked Dan what he liked about shooting. “The power behind it,” he replied.

That word, power, stuck in my mind.

I’ve talked to many home business owners who believe, deep down, they don’t have the power to grow their business to the level they want to.

They believe “power” exists outside of themselves…”If I could just get a million followers.” “If I could just get a million likes on this Facebook post… then I would be successful.” “If I just go to one more trade expo, maybe people will buy.” “If only so-and-so would notice me, then I could really rock this!”

They’ve got it backwards.

True power comes from the inside. You make a decision to be successful, and you follow through on that decision — making every small action you take a success.

It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be your best.

True power comes from doing the specific activities that lead to sales, and doing them to the best of your ability, day in and out…regardless of what other people think of you. (Their “likes” don’t mean much in the long run.)

For an Anti-Marketer, power comes from owning your value 100% and not apologizing for charging premium prices.

It comes from focusing on your ability to serve others by getting your product into their hands… and not letting perceived external obstacles stop you.


Holding the gun in my hands, squinting one eye and aiming at the target, I took a deep breath…and another deep breath.

I pulled the trigger. Boom!

The force pushed against my hand. The blast was palpable, as if ripping a hole in the universe for a split second. Dayumm!

I looked back at my boyfriend. He nodded in encouragement. “Great job!”

Very quickly, after getting my first few shots in and adjusting myself emotionally to the intensity of it all — I had a goal: to hit the target.

Our target was a piece of paper with a snowman on it. I aimed for the left eye. Out of ten or so attempts, I got a shot above the left eye.

Not bad for being a newbie.

After forty or so minutes of this, us alternating taking turns, I felt like I’d been deadlifting a hundred pounds. Hands were sore!

I walked out with a big smile on my face.

Mission accomplished! I had successfully conquered a fear…and it felt damn good.

Talk soon,


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