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I just got back from a week’s worth of travel…

First it was off to North Carolina to learn how to use the “Law of Polarity” in my favor…as well as learning that we’re all “predators” of something.

Next I did a 4-hour road trip from NC to Charleston, South Carolina… driving through torrential rainfall, while blasting dirty hip hop in my rental Nissan.

In SC I met with a stylist for two jam-packed days of working to clarify my wardrobe & image. (I’m not an “image” person — I’m a “reality” person, so this was a fun challenge for me!)

We trekked through two carefully chosen stores at the mall to build my new wardrobe… then we did hair, makeup, and blasted through all my limiting beliefs around my appearance.

Prior to this, I was resisting the whole thing. I told the stylist, “Does anyone really care about how I look? I mean, my job is to write words on a laptop that lead to sales. Nobody can even see me.”

Through gentle education, she conveyed to me that it’s not about other people…it’s about how I feel about myself.

Great point!

Basically, if I didn’t LOVE a piece of clothing — if it didn’t make me instantly wriggle and smile and have a bit of LA sparkle — then I needed to throw it out.

Together we created a look and style that revolves around the “edgy, cool, and proud” me — which is my true self. A big chunk of the clothes I bought will be for my hip hop dance classes. The other stuff will be for day-to-day activities and professional events.

Everything got upleveled.

Official headshots are on the way…and I can’t wait to see what the photographer came up with.

My favorite moment during the photoshoot was when I did my best impression of Ronda Rousey’s “mean mug.” (See pic above!)

Turns out, frowning actually ISN’T my favorite thing to do… smiling is!

Now I’m back home in Colorado…and my inbox is flooded with writing projects. Time to #WORK, bitches!

…Then I’m off to practice hip hop dance. I just found out a friend from dance class will be performing onstage to N’Sync songs (one of my favorite bands in high school). I remember dancing in front of the TV any time their songs came on Total Request Live with Carson Daly.

Fun times!

Talk soon,

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