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If your intent is to increase online sales, read up…

In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention WHY email marketing is more effective than social media marketing.

It boils down to one thing:

User intent.

When someone goes on social media, what’s their intent? It’s usually to kill time. Or chit chat. Or be entertained. Or stalk other people. Or be voyeuristic.

That’s it.

But when someone voluntarily gives their email address to someone, what’s their intent? They usually want something specific…or they wouldn’t be giving their email away.

By incorrectly “targeting” people on social media, you’re reaching people with ZERO INTENT to do anything other than waste time, scroll, and look at other people’s pages.

By properly targeting people who WANT SOMETHING SPECIFIC – i.e., your product or solution – now you’re getting somewhere.

For example, if you sell organic chocolate products and your goal is to increase sales – then your best bet is to get in front of a LIST of chocolate lovers. Or a list of healthy product lovers. (Or both!)

Many business owners mistakenly believe that “Because EVERYONE is on social media, you should be promoting and advertising on social media.”

Not true.

That would be like walking into a Colorado Rockies game and handing out flyers for your natural cleaning product. Nobody cares. Yes, there’s a lot of people in the stadium…but they’re not there with the intent to find a natural cleaning product. They’re there to watch the game. Sure, you might get one or two stragglers who agree to try your product, but overall you’re wasting your time.

Your best strategy is get in front of a targeted LIST of people who have an intent to find your product or solution.

One business owner recently told me, “We’ve tried social media ads. None of the ad campaigns have brought in any sales. The only thing that has an immediate impact are newsletters…particularly when sent by [a prominent blogger].”


Plus, social media platforms are using click farms to click your ads ads to generate ad dollars. It’s a massive scam of the highest degree. Don’t waste your time on it.

Want to sell natural cleaning products? Have a health blogger email their LIST about you.

Want to sell hip hop dance tutorials online? Email a list of hip hop dancers.

Want to sell organic shampoo? Get access to a list of people who buy organic.

Find the people who have intent.

Once you get those people’s attention, BRIBE them with a FREE offer that’s impossible to resist, in exchange for their email address.

Boom…now they’re in your database.

Now you can start marketing to them via email and making sales.

Where do you find a targeted list of people?

That’s exactly what I help home-based business owners do.

We start by creating a sales funnel with an irresistible free gift. We use Google ads to get targeted traffic. We capture users’ email addys. We email them. They buy products. They tell their friends and family… Rinse and repeat.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re starting at. If you have a great product that people love, it’s a pretty quick and easy fix to get the right systems up and running to increase sales.

Talk soon,

P.S. Remember…people on social media have ZERO INTENT. They’re simply there to waste time. If your goal is to increase sales, don’t waste your time or money advertising on social media. Instead, get in front of the people who have intent. I can show you how to do this.

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