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When an agenda is “forced” upon a population…you know it’s bs.

When something is good, healthy, or beneficial, there’s nothing forceful about it.

A person simply makes a decision to do the beneficial thing…and they reap the benefits.

But when people are coerced into doing something purported to be “good” for them… that’s when we know we’re way off track!

SOMEONE is off track!… whoever is doing the coercing or the pushing!

Think: forcing people to get vaccinated in order to attend a school. Making formal education off limits to those who refuse the poison.

Killing people if they don’t agree with certain viewpoints.

That’s the epitome of anti-freedom.

As Independence Day approaches, I think about all the “agendas” out there… ready to coerce those who aren’t ready to resist them. (Or maybe “ignore them” is a better word.)

Agenda: “things to be done”; “a plan or list of matters to be acted upon.”

Each individual has the power to set the agenda for their own unique life.

In other words, we each get to decide what we DO in our own lives.

…But we’re trained to forget that.

…We’re taught to believe we’re powerless and must go along with “what everyone else is doing.”

A myriad of influences throws a person off track, making them vulnerable to other people’s agendas.

(Does that vulnerability come from the inside — i.e., a weak character? — or does it come from the outside? — i.e., external pressures and forces?)

The best influences are those who can teach us how to evaluate other’s influences and agendas honestly and without guilt or remorse!

(Think: an anti-marketing based business that gets people to question whether using the marketer’s toxic product is truly the best route!)

When we can confidently say, “Yes, this is beneficial”… or “No, this is harmful…” — and we’re not lying to ourselves about it — we can live a life of true freedom.

We can make our own empowered choices… and decide which ideas and habits we want to cultivate in our daily life (and which ones we want to cast aside as ‘bs.’)

We start to realize the most beneficial things in life aren’t coerced upon us at all.

We choose them out of free will.

We choose them and say to ourselves, “I am going to do this. I am going to master this.”

“Fuck what anybody else thinks!”

Happy Independence Week!

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