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I spent this past week in Seattle, WA, at David Neagle’s training called “Subconscious Success.”

It was all about getting your mind to “Think like success.”

Most people are programmed to experience problems all the time. Their problems show up easily and effortlessly, over and over again, without the person even trying.

They’re SO GOOD at creating problems, it’s automatic. It’s a habit. They don’t have to write their problems on a vision or board, or do daily affirmations stating, “My life sucks, my life sucks… I’m experiencing tons of problems…” It just automatically happens that way!

Why? Because they’ve learned to “Think like failure.” They’ve made failure a habit.

The idea behind last week’s training was to flip it around, so that life automatically ROCKS…and success shows up easily and effortlessly, like a habit.

This is what I love about David Neagle’s teachings. This stuff goes deep. It’s totally unlike a lot of the other B.S. out there.

During the training we also looked at the various “roles” we played during childhood — roles that were handed to us (along with guilt and shame) by our caretakers. Until we become consciously aware of the roles that were given to us, we continue to allow them to dictate our thinking, our behaviors, and our adult lives!

I discovered that my primary roles in childhood were “the special one” and “the invisible one.” That was very confusing, trying to play two opposite roles simultaneously. And I can see how that confusion spilled over into my adult life, courtesy of the roles I was subconsciously playing. It made me gravitate towards people who made me feel both special, and invisible.

I share this with you now, because if you don’t have the results you want in your business — there’s probably a role you’ve been playing (the nice one, the rescuer, the victim, the damaged one, the complainer, the pleaser, the disappointment, the burden, etc.) that you’re not even aware of…and this role has been causing most, if not all, of the “problems” in your life.

That can include the problem of low sales.

Did you know that being a “pleaser” is one of the easiest ways to cause low sales in your business?

When you’re a pleaser, you go after other people’s approval, rather than sales.

[Anti-Marketing Tip: Go for sales, not approval.]

When I was growing up, I often shifted back and forth between “pleasing” my parents and rebelling against them completely. This made it incredibly difficult for me to get sales in my business (especially when I was just starting out!). Everything was a battle, when it didn’t need to be.

What’s the role you’re playing now, that you picked up from childhood? What’s governing all of your thinking and behaviors today?

Are you in the habit of thinking like success? Or thinking like failure?

There’s a great quote David shared at the event:

“The degree to which you succeed in life is in direct proportion to the amount of truth that you can accept about yourself without running away.”

For those who are brave enough to look at themselves honestly… we have the power to shift who we’re being, and then get the results we want. Period.

We can make the decision to abandon any roles that no longer suit us.

We can create a new self image that aligns with the truth of why we’re here on this earth (our purpose).

On that note, I’m off to get some writing done on my Anti-Marketing book!

Talk soon,


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