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There’s a great quote from the book, How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins:

“…it’s far better to create your own future repeatedly, than to wait for external forces to dictate your choices.” (p 27-28)

Amen. I love that quote.

Being an anti-marketer is a great way to “create your future repeatedly.”

Every day, you start with a blank slate: “How can I serve humanity today?”

“How can I serve my market today?”

“How can I make myself 1% better than yesterday?”

And you come up with insightful answers.

The past is gone… what you did yesterday doesn’t matter. It’s all about kicking ass today, and tomorrow.

So many people live in the past. They get stuck there and can’t dream, or can’t bother to create a better future for themselves.

Or they get stuck on some “victory” they had in the past, and they use that as a reason why they don’t need to create more victories TODAY and TOMORROW.

Life is always unfolding, and we have to keep creating it moment by moment, day by day.

Why not create it in a way you love?

This has been day #5 of the 30-day “daily email” challenge.

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