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New interview published!

I was recently interviewed by Ardelia Lee, creator of “That Projector Life” podcast.

The episode is titled, “Crushing Business as a Projector with Michelle Lopez Boggs.”

Check it out at any of the links below:

(Note: the interview & her introduction of me starts around the 5:45-minute mark.)

You’ll love this interview if you’re into energy stuff… or business… and/or if you already know you’re a Projector working as an entrepreneur.


More on Projector stuff:

I always knew I was “different” from most people.

I was designed differently, felt differently, acted differently, and was emotionally different… on all levels.

All of this has to do with “energy.”

It was so annoying having people deny my experience throughout life… “Just follow the script, follow the instructions, follow the advice…”

But instructions and advice made for one type of person don’t necessarily work for a completely different type of person.


That’s why I spent 5 years writing my book, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto, and hammering the message, “Be your real self in business.”

That includes who you are, energetically.

Enter Human Design: a system that explains the five “types” of humans!

It’s like a guidebook telling you how you operate best, energetically.

Yes, energy is real.

Denying it is like denying there’s a God… good luck with that.

Some people don’t need to understand their Human Design “type”; they just get it.

Others who are lost, who have struggled, who weren’t given a solid foundation… they need to understand their type and build their business in a way that honors who they are.

I’m a “Projector,” which means I need to wait for an invitation. For all the big life stuff (romantic partner, where to live, work/clients), I need an invitation. I can’t initiate. If I do, it all falls apart and I get bitter. (And usually the other person gets annoyed at me for trying to initiate stuff with them that they have no interest in.)

Other human design types (like Manifestors) DON’T need to wait for an invitation. They can simply go out and start/initiate things… and everything will fall very easily into place for them, because all they have to do is “inform” people…and people will listen.

People who are Generators have a lot of sacral energy, which means they can work 19 hours a day and not get tired. They’re built to “listen to their gut.” Their strategy is to “wait to respond” to something in their external environment – if they get a “yes” from their gut, they move forward.

Manifesting Generators are some combination of those two types – Manifestors and Generators. These are the people everyone is drawn to; the life of the party. Everything they touch turns to gold, once they start living in alignment with their true/best self.

(And I don’t know much about Reflectors, except that they’re like mystical blank canvases walking around, ready to sample everyone else’s aura.)

Projectors have less energy than most of the world’s population, who are Generators; some Projectors have no energy centers and literally have to nap several times a day. (This isn’t a character flaw in them; it’s how they were designed.) The constant need for “rest” makes it challenging for Projectors to build a business, especially if they don’t understand their energy or their strategy for success.

In my interview with Ardelia Lee, I share my approach to resting: I rest one level of me (e.g., body), while I work on another level of me (e.g., mind), and vice versa. I share this, and many more insights on the interview!

Knowing this information has made a huge difference in how I expend energy in my business.

For me as a Projector, “acting like I was a Manifestor” was the biggest blunder I ever made in business.

(Thank you, Ardelia, for teaching on that topic in a great episode, “Projector Essentials: Invitations 101.”)

For example, I know with certainty that if I cold-email 100 people, that will be time flushed down the toilet… because nothing valuable will come out of it. OR if I do drum up business that way, they will absolutely be nightmare clients. I can’t do that, as a Projector. That goes against my strategy of waiting for an invitation.

Instead, my strategy is to take exquisite care of myself and my life, first and foremost, and do the things that light me up, daily… THEN invitations will come like magic.

Structuring everything to make sales easy (as outlined in The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout) is secondary to getting my energy right.

Once I receive invitations, my work then becomes discerning which of those are right for me, and only saying yes to the ones that are right.

(There’s so much detail and nuance about what an invitation is… and how to identify if it’s the right invitation. It’s pretty fascinating!)

Hint: if you ever want to hire me to write or edit content for you, or help you grow your business through anti-marketing, then you need to invite me to do so. (Why? Because I’m a Projector!) Never in a million years will you respond to an offer where I’m “informing” you that I have writing services available… lol. (Informing is a Manifestor behavior that works well for Manifestors, but not Projectors).

I love this topic of energy. I know it’s not for everyone (it will be soon though), but I’m so digging it.

In 2020, I developed almost “psychic” levels of being able to read people’s energy. I had so many Zoom calls, I just got really good at it. 😹

If you’ve read this far, make sure to check out my interview with Ardelia Lee of “That Projector Life” podcast. Here are the links again:

“Crushing Business as a Projector with Michelle Lopez Boggs”

(Note: the interview & her introduction of me starts around the 5:45-minute mark.)

You’ll love this interview if you’re into energy stuff… or business… and/or if you already know you’re a Projector working as an entrepreneur.

(If you do listen, please send me your feedback/thoughts on this interview!)

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