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The day started off great…

Knocked out my work for the day…

Then did the 18 Minute Workout (advanced level) from Shane (google the app)…

Got drenched in my own sweat, said “Fuck this workout!” as I always do, as it kicks my ass every time.

…Packed as fast as I could, then Dan drove us to DIA.

Our flight was delayed three hours due to a hydraulic leak!

After everyone boarded the plane, they announced the leak wasn’t safe, and they’d have to find us a new plane.

So we got off again…waited around at the airport. I used that time to read, and visualize my goals being completed… while everyone around us bitched.

After boarding the NEW plane…they announced, “A bird hit this plane, so we’ll have to double check that it’s safe, it will be another hour wait.”

Everyone was like WTF!

I laughed. “Shut up and let me get back to my reading.”

I used my time-bending skills to not a give a shit. I read and worked, and shrunk the “waiting time” in my mind to nothing. (It’s a little skill I have…one that I should use more often.)

Thank you to the pilots who’d had a “long day” but stuck with us anyway (after having to get approval for an extended shift), so we wouldn’t have to wait any further for a “new crew.”

Finally, we were in the sky. Yay.

Weird flight…

We arrived in Dallas at 2:30 in the morning!

The hot, muggy air shrouded my body instantly.

I peeled off my hoodie…as if I was casting away the past drama of the flight.

As we got into our Lyft, we were blasted with ice-cold air conditioning…and the hoodie came right back on again LOL.

I got to sleep in late this morning…but Dan was off to work early, with barely any sleep.

I’m not a pilot, but I am a business owner, so I was thinking about Frontier (and really, the whole commercial airline business)…and everything that contributed to the “delay.”

Some things are out of our control, but others are not.

(Usually Frontier is fast AF with all their flights…at least for me. So this was a bizarre occurrence that didn’t seem to fit them.)

I always find it fascinating how businesses “put customers through” certain experiences…whether good, bad, delayed, efficient, memorable, forgettable.

And on the flip side of that, customers are choosing (either consciously or unconsciously) to participate in all of that…by giving those companies their money.

Your customers, when dealing with you, are always getting an “experience.”

If they like it over time, they will stay. If not, they will peace out.

What experience are you giving them?

Is it on purpose or by accident?

Is it one that uplifts or one that drains?

Make it a great one!

Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Founder, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

P.S. Some biz owners will spend their energy blaming the “hydraulic leaks” and the “birds” and “aliens” and “astrology” for everything that goes wrong in their business…while others will work their ass off to attack ANYTHING that could possibly get in the way of a stellar customer experience.

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