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Do you know what you really want in life?

Are you close to that desire?

Recently I’ve taken steps to infuse my life with things I love.

For instance, I’m getting a kick out of learning advanced choreographies that I find on YouTube.

Famous choreographers teach their popular hip hop dance classes in LA…then film their best dancers doing the routines. The videos get millions of views. But more importantly, they’re fun to watch and they give fellow dancers ideas on how they can move.

Since I don’t currently live in LA, I don’t have the option of taking classes there on a regular basis. And since most of these choreographers don’t offer tutorials on the specific routines I want… I don’t have the option of studying on my own, either. (And I’m not that great at learning off a YouTube video.)

So I found a “workaround.”

I’ve hired dance instructors who are much more skilled than I am to study the videos I like, and teach me the moves. Bam!

Some may question the legalities of that, but I don’t care. I just want to dance!

It’s super fun because I get to customize own my unique dance experience on my own terms. (I’m not auditioning for anything and don’t give a shit about performing for anyone…this is all for me!)

Instead of only doing whatever classes are offered here in Denver, I get to pick out specific routines I love on YouTube, accompanied by dope-as-fuck songs, and challenge myself to learn the moves.

Is this heaven?

This is part of a larger life experiment in which I’m tailoring my experiences down to the finest detail.

If I don’t love it, it’s gotta go!

And this all relates back to the topic of “desire.”

Doing what you desire is a win-win for everyone.

Creating the experiences you desire is part of a larger life philosophy in which you choose to be “free.”

It’s just like with anti-marketing.

You get to create whatever content you want to promote your product. You get to create whatever amount of sales you want online, so that you can fund whatever life experiences you want for you and your loved ones.

There are no “rules” on how many emails you should send, or what days your autoresponder should go out, or what you “can and cannot” say.

Build your own list, create your own underground army of supporters, and you get to decide the rules. There’s no rule that says you’re doing “too much” or have to “tone it down” or have to be “politically correct.”

Simply check inside and acknowledge your desire, and communicate from there.

What do you want? What are you dying to talk about? What is your soul longing to share with the world?

Start writing about it. Post videos on it. Take risks. Keep your desires close by. (And of course, always ask for the sale.)

Anti-marketing is about being free to be you, and doing what you want…and attracting the right customers who love you for that.

My next step is to beg the aforementioned choreographers to create tutorials for every single routine they make, sell the tutorials online, and be able to leverage THEIR unique skills in bigger ways!

Everybody wins.

Talk soon,


P.S. This is me after learning an advanced hip hop routine in 1.5 hours. Gettin better!

Here’s one of our group vids from a couple weeks ago (I’m second from right).

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