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Today I was doing research for an article on the case of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals versus the FDA.

Honestly, I hate those cases where it’s just endless bickering back and forth…they’re a drain to be involved with mentally.

The deeper you go, the more chaotic it gets. I used to get “juiced up” on those types of stories, but now I’m just so over them.

The debate on synthetic versus natural ingredients is, at its essence, about truth versus lies.

There can never be a compromise between the two. A lie will always try to argue and defend itself, to the death.

Meanwhile, the truth is so powerful that it doesn’t even need to waste its time arguing.

That’s why, as humans striving to live the TRUTH — the only way to defeat a lie is to abandon it.

Not to argue with it, but to refuse to engage with it altogether.

Humans are steeped in lies, often from the moment of birth. Unless you happen to be born to 100% awake, conscious individuals…your parents were already lying to you about something, from the moment you came out of the womb.

It becomes our life-long work to learn how to discern truth from illusion.

Some people will never learn how to make the discernment…at least not in this lifetime. As a result, they’ll be experiencing hell on earth until they hit the grave.

Others, through vigilant study, will finally arrive at truth…and then their task becomes LIVING THAT TRUTH DAILY, moment by moment…while not being distracted by those living “hell on earth.”

It’s a bitch…I’ll tell ya!

Hell, I’m almost tempted to delete my article writing service from my business. Yes, it’s made a shit ton of money for myself and clients… but it’s almost not worth it for me to do it anymore. Yes, it’s opened thousands of people’s eyes to truth…

But I’d rather be hip hop dancing or wearing sexy outfits for my boyfriend…than reading about idiots like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals who insist on selling toxic, fake shit in their products!

In the daily living, we can know that something is bad for us, but we can turn to it anyway, due to habit, laziness, “easiness,” or mental carelessness. (Or just plain ignorance — like “I didn’t know that was bad for me.”)

We can also know that something is GOOD for us, but we can ignore it, delay it, or avoid it…due to fear of living the greatest version of our own life.

It’s this constant battle of truth versus lies.

You win by simply abandoning the lies altogether, and not engaging with them.

Today I invite you to get real — get truthful — about what’s going on inside of YOU personally… what you’re thinking, feeling (or not). If something is not making you happy, change it. Simple.

If a thought or belief is not helping you move forward, delete it. Abandon it. Forget it.

If a habit is not making you feel your best, toss it.

If a “marketing strategy” is not working…stop doing it. Do the opposite. It’s that easy.

(As for me, I have some tough decisions to make about my own business. See?…I’m doing this work right along with you!)

Here’s to having a truth-filled life,

Anti-Marketing Manifesto

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