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I can now cross “Live in downtown Denver” off my bucket list!

It was a fun three months…Denver definitely has its perks (great restaurants, cool views, fun walks, buzzing energy), but 3 months was enough for me!

I quickly discovered I need a PEACEFUL environment to live in… not necessarily “quiet,” but peaceful, soothing to my nerves. I need to be near open space and walking trails… and far away from scores of drunk and homeless people.

I had a short-term agreement with an acquaintance to rent his place for 3 months while he was traveling… and it worked out perfectly, allowing me to try out living in an urban environment.

In typical lazy fashion, I didn’t even start searching for a new place until 2 weeks before I was supposed to move out.

Pressed for time, I had to act fast…

Within 2 weeks I found an apartment online, viewed it in person, applied, signed the lease, moved out of downtown, and moved into the new place. BAM.

I manifested a gorgeous brand new apartment (never before lived in) with the best kitchen I’ve ever had… and the place is surrounded by trails. No drunks or homeless people anywhere in sight! Perfect.

I decided last minute to take a south-facing unit with a view of the pool. Glad I did.

Just now getting settled in…

This morning I wrote some articles, drank my yerba matte tea… then practiced the “Humble” choreography in my big living room (with wooden floors) for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, I can hear kids playing in the pool outside. This place might be paradise.

The reason I was able to manifest a new home in 2 weeks is because I was laser-focused on it, emotionally invested in it, and took constant action on it. I was also off Facebook.

No chit chatting, no bullshit, just focusing on making it happen.

You can do a lot of amazing shit in 2 weeks if you’re focused.

Just like manifesting a dream home, you can also get a complete sales funnel up and running, promoting and selling your high-end product online, in 2 weeks or less.

(It could take longer if you try to do it yourself. I know people who started working on a sales funnel a year ago and still haven’t finished it or made a single dime online. Hmm….)

The key is to have a clear idea of the end result you want from a sales funnel: traffic going to the page, readers buying the product. Rinse and repeat.

It can take about 2 weeks for a brand new person who’s never heard of you before, to stumble across your page, read the information you’ve provided, purchase your product, and become a lifelong fan.


But you need a sales funnel for it to work….

Dreaming, hoping, and wishing won’t cut it.

I can create one for you. I can do the miraculous. Only for believers! Doubt for a second and it won’t work!

Talk soon,

Anti-Marketing Manifesto

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