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Exploring new cultures and places does not come naturally to me.

I’m more of an explorer of ideas — going deep (not wide) into ideas that are truth-based. You could say I’m an “intellectual explorer.” I could read the same book 10 times and get deeper understanding of it every single time.

My partner Dan, on the other hand, loves exploring new physical places. He gets me outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve relived, and healed my childhood multiple times, simply through doing new activities with him that are outside my norm.

In Cancun last week, we loaded up on activities.

In addition to jet skiing, we tried parasailing…which was kinda boring, as it was less of a physical challenge. You just sit comfortably in a Ferris wheel-like chair as the boat pulls you into the air. You’re hoisted up by a large balloon, hovering over the ocean. (I’m not afraid of heights.)


I preferred the physically demanding activities more.

We did a tour of ancient Mayan ruins, and climbed a pyramid in the blazing sun. That was a mind trip, as there were no hand rails. If you fell…you were fucked.

After a steep climb up, we enjoyed an amazing, expansive view from the top…luscious green trees and blue skies. We were smack in the middle of a jungle!


We rode bikes through a forest. I hadn’t been on a bike since age 14! It quickly came back to me, after much wobbly steering. I loved it!

Cancun was hot, with 100% humidity. We were never dry for a minute.

The only “relief” came from swimming in an ice cold underground pool (known as a “cenote”), which was considered sacred water by the Mayans. To get there, you descend a long circular flight of stone steps down underground.

We did a bunch of cannon ball dives into the pool…while other tourists barely touched the water. (They were too busy taking selfies.) It was the purest, cleanest water ever.

…Being back home, I have post-trip blues. I miss the ocean.

During this trip, I was much more receptive to the Spanish language. (If you read my “10 Anti-Marketing Tips,” you know I had major issues with Spanish when I was younger.)

Dan introduced me to the app, “DuoLingo,” which I’m now hooked on! It teaches you new languages in just 15 minutes a day. (Their tagline says, “What can 15 minutes a day on Instagram do?”) I love this app!

The free version has a few ads, which of course I’m studying thoroughly, in between each Spanish lesson. It’s always so interesting (muy interesante) to observe how businesses choose to portray themselves with words and pictures.

Sometimes a little more clarity can go a long way.

Sometimes a better PICTURE can ramp up sales.

(Need clarity? Request my editing.)

That’s it for now! I’m busy catching up on work this week.

Make it a successful week!

Michelle Lopez
Anti-Marketing Manifesto

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