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Part of the reason why so many of us are afraid of other people rejecting us…is because we reject ourselves constantly and don’t even realize it.

Every time we speak badly about ourselves or our circumstances, we’re essentially rejecting the good that wants to come into our life.

(“The good” being money, success, love, growth in our business, etc.)

By rejecting the good, we’re rejecting ourselves.

In preparing for my upcoming virtual workshop “Get Over Your Fear of Rejection, So You Can Sell More Products,” I’ve been practicing saying yes to myself more…so that I can show other people how to do that, as well.

Recently I made a decision to say “Yes” to one of my desires. I took action on it… experienced an imperfect result… and IMMEDIATELY my mind started flooding me with ideas about why it was wrong… why it was bad… and maybe I’d made a mistake.

These thoughts were a form of me subconsciously rejecting myself. And it was painful!

But in an effort to stop self-rejecting, I decided that “Yes” was the right decision. The more I say yes to myself — even if my corresponding actions are imperfect — the more the universe reflects that back to me (in the form of people saying “yes” to me!).

You can try this for yourself as well. It’s pretty cool actually. Where are you saying “no” to the good that wants to show up in your life?

Where are you rejecting yourself?

Where are you speaking badly about yourself or your circumstances (maybe without even realizing it)?

This is all part of what we’ll be covering in my upcoming Rejection Workshop:

“Get Over Your Fear of Rejection, So You Can Sell More Products”
(starts Monday March 27th)

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In the past few years I’ve talked to many business owners who have truly GREAT products… high quality, healthy, premium, high-value stuff that can’t be found anywhere else.

…But they’re terrified of asking for the sale.

They’ve been saying they want to grow for years… but today, they’re still in the same place they were in a year ago… or 2 years ago.

They’re rejecting themselves… they’re saying “no” to their own desires. They’re trying to build their business from someone else’s rules.

So the universe is reflecting that back to them in the form of “People are not buying our products.”

Initially I thought it might have been a problem of exposure. “They’ll make more sales once they get some great anti-marketing pieces out into the world.”

But here’s the truth: if you’re constantly rejecting yourself…no amount of promotion will work. At least not the level you really desire.

Growing your business starts with one simple idea: where can you start saying yes to YOURSELF?

Where are you afraid to say “Yes” to something that you know would truly help you grow?

Let’s dive deep, so you can free yourself from the fear of rejection…and start making all the sales you want.

Join me for my virtual workshop:

“Get Over Your Fear of Rejection, So You Can Sell More Products”
(starts Monday March 27th)

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Your enrollment includes:

  • Two (2) 30-minute audio lessons (MP3) in which I teach you how to get past the crippling fear of rejection — and how this fear is secretly showing up in your life today
  • One (1) private 60-minute call with me to work on your own personal challenges that are causing you not to ask for the sale in your business (we can look at what’s distracting you, what’s serving as mere “busy work,” or what specifically is stopping you from moving forward)… expect to get a huge breakthrough insight from this call!
  • Writing assignments for you to complete that will help you communicate the value of your product

(Note: This workshop is for business owners who already have some kind of product or service for sale — and you just can’t figure out why it’s not selling.)

We start Monday, March 27th. On that date, you’ll be emailed a link to the workshop materials (MP3s and written assignments), as well as a link to my calendar where you can book your 1-on-1 session with me.

Reserve your spot here.

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P.S. Why am I offering this workshop? Good question. I’m offering this, because I know how paralyzing the fear of rejection can be. (Hell, it stopped me for so many years in my own business). I don’t want it to stop YOU. I don’t want you to abandon your dream of having a successful home business, or feeling like your only option is to go back to your day job. I want you to have absolute freedom in asking for the sale. You have great products, but the world can’t benefit if you’re terrified of rejection. Join me.

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Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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