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Ass clown (noun): someone who wastes your time critiquing you or your business, but never buys anything…and they complain a lot. AKA: not your ideal customer.

A funnel is a system, a foundation, that helps perfect fit customers find you online, sign up to your email list, and buy from you over and again.

It also “weeds out” the people who are not your ideal customers… so you can focus purely on serving those who love your product or service!

A funnel is a crystallized, solidified “process”  you use to bring new customers on board automatically.

It motivates, educates, and inspires people about your business…and therefore, SELLS!

A basic sales funnel has five essential parts:

  • Some type of “landing page” where people come across your relevant freebie, and you COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES on this page
  • An enticing “free gift” on your landing page, which you offer in exchange for people giving you their email address
  • A series of 10-15 pre-written email autoresponders (ARs) that motivate, educate, and inspire your new subscribers.
  • At least one sales page showcasing your top-selling product, allowing people to buy it with no drama or confusion
  • High-quality traffic, i.e., potential customers who visit your landing page. This can be paid traffic (such as Google ads) or organic traffic (SEO, guest blog posts, etc.)

These are the basic parts of a funnel.

If you’re missing one or more piece… the foundation collapses. And you make it difficult for people to buy from you.

(For businesses selling high-priced SERVICES rather than products, you may want to throw in an email convo, or a telephone conversation, as well.)

The point is that you have a solid process, some type of system or structure, for motivating, educating, inspiring…and selling!

I have helped clients write copy for every single part of their sales funnels.

I live and breathe funnels and love helping business owners create them in a way that leads to massive sales for their biz.

Oh yea…and as an added benefit, a funnel acts as a “shield” against selling out. Because once you get it set up and actually get it to WORK WELL, you’ll never be desperate for sales again.

There’s no template or script you need to follow… every funnel is unique, just like every biz is unique.

Best of all, the funnel “ass clown”-proofs your home business! Yay! Because people who are NOT a good fit for buying your product will peace out… leaving you free to serve your perfect fit customers.

That’s what we’re all here for.

To request my help creating, or sprucing up, your funnel, contact me via email.



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