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“I’ll never have kids,” I proudly declared, starting from the age of adolescence.

I didn’t want them.

The desire simply wasn’t there.

I didn’t feel it was in my life’s purpose to birth babies, raise kids, or dedicate myself to caring for others.

Being forced to “babysit” my three younger brothers at a young age, turned me off to it forever. Later, I was traumatized by changing my sister’s diapers. “Not for me,” I declared at age 12.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, one that I am not capable, nor desirous, of taking on. I can 100% admit that. I know my limits.

(I don’t even have pets! But I LOVE animals and I love playing with loved ones’ pets!)

Today, the only “babies” I have are my creations.

I gladly care for, and am responsible for, my creations.

I can kill my creation, and get away with it legally. (Not so with actual human children!)

Today, I’m proud to say I have four new “children” — my 4 plants!

An orchid, two bundles of calla lilies, and a bundle of African daisies.

I picked them out. I wanted them. They’re mine! I actually WANT to care for them!

Their existence didn’t just “happen” — I consciously chose to bring them into my life. I’m very proud of that.

I’m not a gardener, and touching dirt sometimes creeps me out. But I had this thought, “I’d like some flowers,” so I gave myself permission to bring flowers into my life. You could say I “birthed” them, in that I created them.

I brainstormed which colors I wanted, went shopping, explored, and found the ones I liked!

I had to take a 2-minute crash course in how to feed and water them, then I was set.

Your email list is very similar to a living bundle of flowers… you can ignore and neglect it, and it will wither and die.

OR you can feed it, care for it, and nurture it with great anti-marketing content, and it will thrive!

Just like my 4 new “flower babies” will add joy to my life, your email list will add success to your business… IF you nurture it.

That’s because every single person on your list has the potential to become a paying customer.

They’re just waiting for you to spell out, in clear English, the reasons why they should buy from you.

Some (not all) will become lifelong customers.

How will you nurture your list today?

What “food” do your subscribers need? What big ideas can you nurture them with, that will add to the quality of their life?

Request life-enhancing written content for your list. (Plant food not included.)

Talk soon,

Anti-Marketing Manifesto

P.S. See pics of my new “plant babies” below! From left to right: African daisies, calla lilies, more calla lilies, black sapphire orchids. The orchids (pictured in my kitchen) are an indoor plant, while the others will be my outdoor plants. I’ve never been so excited to test out my plant “motherhood” skills lol!


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Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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