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People who know me know that I hate McDonald’s. It’s kind of an ongoing joke at this point… “Let’s find some ways we can bash McDonald’s today…”

Mostly I see them as a symbol for ALL unscrupulous junk food / fast food companies that have contributed to the growing obesity epidemic with their unhealthy food.

So yay…I found a way to bash them today!

Newsflash: McDonald’s wants you to wear their Big Macs in a brand new way.

Cause wearing them in the form of CELLULITE on your saddle bags is old news…

Now you can now wear Big Macs directly on your clothes.

The company has created a new “lifestyle collection” of Big Mac-themed clothing, blankets, and even dog apparel.

Yes, this is real. [Update 2017: McDonald’s debuts McDelivery clothing line featuring Big Mac onesie, fry-themed sweatsuit]

They launched the new collection at a fashion show in Stockholm, Sweden. Tyra Banks and her army of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestants would be jealous!


Pic from Adweek

I’m no fashion expert…I’m a merely an editor who deletes unnecessary sentences like a meat lover deleting a juicy burger…so if I was in charge here, I’d make a few critical ‘tweaks’ to this lifestyle collection.

First off, I’d delete the fucking Big Macs and replace them with Chipotle tacos.

Ahh…much better. Now we’re talking!

Next I’d chop off the long sleeves and turn the shirts into tank tops. (I hate sleeves.)

Finally, I’d head to the gym for a WORKOUT (AKA “GET OFF YOUR ASS” AKA EXERCISE AKA STOP PUMMELING YOUR FACE WITH JUNK FOOD), while wearing said edited clothing.


(Someone should really be paying me for this shit…oh yea, they are already do.)

I’m surprised McDonald’s hasn’t come out with Big Mac-scented cologne for the gents and Filet-O-Fish perfume for the ladies.


Yeah, they sell garbage food. They don’t care. But they’re still being creative and fun in their marketing. (I’ll give them that.) That’s way more than what many HEALTHY food companies are doing.

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