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The primary battle in the universe is between creation and mis-creation. – David Neagle

When we sit down to create something we want, we’re in “creation” mode.

Our level of success in that project depends entirely on our ability to create exactly what we want, at the level of detail we imagine it in our mind.

However, when we create things we DON’T want — we’re in “mis-creation” mode.

Usually mis-creation occurs, due to some unconscious factor that’s driving us… i.e., some unhelpful idea or belief we hold that’s thwarting our efforts to create what we want.

Everybody is creating something, all the time, all day long. The only question is, what are you creating?

Are you mis-creating? In other words, are you bringing about experiences that you DON’T want? If so, you might be holding onto some unhelpful idea that’s driving and thwarting your efforts.

Recently I’ve been observing my own mind after I’ve “mis-created” something. In June I hired a personal stylist and spent $3500 on a new wardrobe, which was a big leap for me. I grew up with a penny-pinching dad and a free-spending mom, and money was always tight with five kids in the house.

The first thing that happened after I got home from my big shopping spree? My favorite blue top that I’d purchased got a snag in it… and soon, that snag increased into a full-blown hole in the front of the blouse that makes it unwearable.

“Fucking great,” was my automatic default response. “I bought this cool new top and now I can’t even wear it.”

Then, one of the necklaces I’d bought (my favorite out of all them) broke. Again, I had the same instant response: “Fucking great. Now I can’t wear that necklace with any of my tops.”

In reality, the fix was simple. Buy a new top to replace the ripped one. And have somebody who fixes jewelry fix the necklace.

These ridiculously simple fixes were temporarily eluded by an unhelpful idea I was holding — that if something breaks or fails to work as I wanted it to in the moment, then my entire life would come to a complete standstill and all my enjoyment would evaporate into thin air.

I was mis-creating, big-time!

The experience I WANTED to have was to proudly wear my new clothes and jewelry and feel like the person I truly am (versus wearing clothes that hide my true nature).

The experience I ACTUALLY created was one of frustration and irritation, seemingly caused by temporary wardrobe malfunctions…but in reality, caused by an unhelpful belief I was holding.

I came to my senses and simply asked for the correct help. I had someone who works with jewelry fix the necklace. She put it back together in about thirty minutes. Good as new.

The blue top can’t be repaired. But I could buy a new one to replace it.

As humans, this is our primary battle (or challenge) — learning how to create what we want, versus mis-creating what we don’t want.

To master this, we must get to the root of what we truly believe. Because our beliefs are driving literally everything we experience.

As soon as we take full responsibility for that fact…then we can decide to change any unhelpful beliefs we were previously holding. (Or not.)

Some home-based business owners believe that making online sales is difficult. So therefore, it’s difficult for them.

Others believe making online sales is easy. So therefore, it’s easy for them.

Some are creating what they want… while others are mis-creating what they don’t want.

Before I create a profitable sales funnel for someone (in order to make their online sales come bigger and faster), we check to see if those individuals are holding onto any “unhelpful ideas” that would make their sales difficult.

Before I can work with them, those individuals need to release their unhelpful ideas.

Otherwise, anything I do for them would most likely be met with extreme resistance and probably failure, and the whole thing would fall apart.

“I don’t work with people who make life hard on themselves,” I told someone recently.

And it’s true. I don’t. I used to…but I don’t anymore.

99% of people insist on holding onto unhelpful ideas that make life hard…and as a result, those people are constantly mis-creating what they don’t want to experience (while blaming it on external things, no less!).

So choose. Will you create what you want? Or keep mis-creating what you don’t want, because you’re unwilling to examine the unhelpful beliefs and ideas driving your reality?

Talk soon,

The Anti-Marketing Copywriter

About the Author

Michelle Lopez Boggs is a copywriter, editor, and author of The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout. She writes for 8-figure brands and teaches her clients follow the MEI(S) principle: motivate, educate, inspire, and sell. To download a FREE copy of her book, click here.

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