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Amidst all the conspiracy theories that Tupac faked his own death and is currently living happily in Cuba as we speak…

Consider this: If he was alive, he’d be raising hell. He’d be spreading his message, still. He’d be producing more albums. He’d be visible, and heard — he’d make damn sure of it!

Tupac was not the kind of guy who was OK with “hiding out.” That’s all the proof you need to know he’s truly dead.

But of course, his legacy lives on.

The people who believe Tupac is still alive are projecting their own self onto him. They haven’t yet scratched the surface of living THEIR life to the fullest (which is why they’re wasting time engaging in conspiracy theories). They’re imagining Tupac somewhere, hiding out, fooling the world…when really, it’s THEM hiding out and fooling the world.

Tupac was a born leader, a born writer, a born rap artist. He had an incredible drive to push his message far and wide. He saw injustice, and he challenged it. He was not the type of person who was “OK” with staying silent.

While he was alive, he used every ounce of his life, every available moment, to further his mission. Why WOULDN’T he keep doing that, if he were alive now?…just to fool a bunch of people who are wasting time avoiding their own lives? Doubtful.

Someone who is powerfully connected to his own mission doesn’t quit.

He died. His work ended with his death.

Others can attempt to pick up where he left off…but the original Tupac is gone.

For motivation, insert your name in the blank below (replace the gender as needed):

He died. His work ended with his death. Others can attempt to pick up where he left off…but the original _________ is gone.

She died. Her work ended with her death. Others can attempt to pick up where she left off…but the original __________ is gone.

Makes you want to get cranking on your most important life’s work, huh?

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