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Last night I saw the new Tupac movie, “All Eyez on Me”….and wow! What a brilliant piece of art.

It’s a great reminder of how short life is, and how dealing with “haters” can quite literally interrupt your life.

After the movie, I stayed up late reading about Tupac’s life… I did my best to sort out the gems from the B.S. conspiracy theories and gossip.

Fact is, Tupac had urgency. He treated his life as an urgent thing to be lived. He treated the expression of his voice and his message as a top priority.

He worked furiously in the studio, and he “knew” his time was limited.

Are you treating your message as urgent?

Today most people are operating with zero urgency. They’re busy scrolling their lives away on a smart phone, meticulously watching what other people are doing on social media… consuming bits of useless information… and spending hours getting mentally involved with things that have nothing to do with their true purpose.

I’ve been there. I know how easy it is to get sucked into the void of thinking you’re living your life, when you’re not.

Whether you love or hate Tupac’s gangster rap, whether you approve of his lifestyle or not… the dude was a master at using urgency to get his message out.

We could all use a dose of urgency.

We could all use a daily reminder that our work is important, that WE’RE the only ones who can carry it out.

If you leave one last bit of your work unfinished, incomplete…that’s your destiny, your fate, your truth that your soul has to live with.

(Sure, you could always reincarnate and try again…but fawk, why make it that complicated?! Just get it done now!)

We don’t know when our last day will be. Yet we’re acting as if we have an indeterminate number of decades to go.

It could all end in the blink of an eye.

Tupac used his imagination and his actions to create a very specific life for himself. Nobody else in the world is Tupac…not even the guy who sounds uncannily like him (Kasinova the Don!). Not even the lookalike spotted in Cuba!

Nobody is Tupac, and nobody ever could be!

Nobody is me. Nobody is you.

There’s not a single person walking this planet who has your same exact life experiences, perspectives, outlooks, goals, and dreams…

You’re already equipped to build a strong anti-marketing brand around YOU.

You’re already equipped to create a bad ass life of your own choosing.

You already have all the unique stories, content, and perspectives necessary to build your business in whatever capacity you desire.

If you’re not sharing your message to the max… if you’re not using URGENCY to propel your life and business forward…. then that’s your loss…and the world’s loss.

Own your uniqueness like Tupac did. Treat your life as urgent.

Make getting your message out into the world a top priority. Nobody will do it for you. Millions die without ever coming close to sharing their message.

Challenge your own limited beliefs that insist, “I can’t do it” (for whatever reason), and do whatever it takes. Hire someone to help you. Pay a fortune if you must.

But just fucking do it! It’s your life.

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