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There’s a great chapter in Wallace Wattles’ book The Science of Getting Rich called “Efficient Action.”

“Every act is, in itself, either a success or a failure,” he says. “Every act is, in itself, either efficient or inefficient.”

“The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.”

All of successful living can pretty much be boiled down to that one concept.

Failure = perpetual inefficiency.

Every problem and struggle comes from something taking place in an INEFFICIENT manner…whether it’s your Mac overheating with too many programs open…or your body working too hard to process all the junk you ate…or your marketing campaigns being clogged up with some activity that could probably be cut.

Even in the realm of personal development, you could spend too much time trying to understand a concept INTELLECTUALLY, rather than having an experience of it that gives you permanent, deep understanding. That intellectual obsession is inefficient.

In the case of email marketing, I like to think of emails as an opportunity for you to help readers become even 1% more efficient at something, as it relates to your product.

Good email marketing cuts through waste, blasts through the clutter, calls out inefficient processes, systems, or ideas…and makes things much simpler.

Simplicity breeds deeper understanding. And UNDERSTANDING is what finally changes us for good.

When you tie your product to simplicity, you set yourself up for success that feels awesome.

(I know of some people and companies whose products actually COMPLICATE things, yet somehow they’ve managed to make a lot of sales…but wacky shit happens in their personal lives to offset that success. So to me, that’s not real success.)

Simplicity and efficiency are the standards to strive for.

This is where “Power” comes from.

“If all Power goes into every act, no matter how commonplace, every act will be a success in itself; and as in the nature of things every success opens the way to other successes,” says Wattles. “Your progress toward what you want, and the progress of what you want toward you, will become increasingly rapid.”

Each successful act (no matter how commonplace) that you engage in builds on the previous successful acts you’ve engaged in.

So each email you send…builds on the previous emails you’ve sent.

What constitutes a successful, efficient email? Send your emails over, and I’ll analyze them to see what needs to change for them to successfully bring you more sales.

Talk soon,

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