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Traditional marketing is all about spreading ignorance and lies, while hiring paid actors to talk in fake-cheerful voices.

Meanwhile, anti-marketing is about spreading truth.

Example: the food industry has slung around the word “natural” so much, it’s become meaningless.

“Natural” is nothing more than a marketing term, designed to con the masses into thinking a product is healthy.

(That also includes “all natural” and “100% natural.”)

Just because a food product is labeled as “natural” doesn’t mean it’s natural.

In fact, if it has that label, you can bet your ass there’s some f#cked up ingredients lurking inside of it…whether it’s GMOs, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or other crap.

I was tickled to find someone making fun of this blatant marketing scam.

Enter Only Organic. They released the following parody videos, which show that “natural product marketing” is bullshit. Go organic, or go home.

This second video starts, “A Message from the False Advertising Industry”:

Thank you Carlotta Mast, who wrote “Is attacking natural the best way to support organic?”, the article that inspired this blog post.

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