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Recently I was interviewed by Charlie Maginness of “The Projector Movement.”

If you’ve never heard of “Projectors,” they’re one of four Human Design types. Human Design is a system that explores the energy of human beings.

It’s important to honor your unique energy as a business owner… because if you’re trying to “BE” something you’re not… or if you’re doing things that don’t fit your particular energy… you’re more likely to burn out, get sick of your business, or fail in a way where you’re not learning the right things to move forward.

Personally, I believe we should all LOVE our business and do what it takes to grow it. Assuming you’re in the right business, this should be a fun and rewarding challenge… even on days when it “sucks.”

FACT: We all have a unique “energy” that gets expressed differently, depending on your Human Design type.

Knowing your energy type is helpful, because then you can understand how you’re best designed to operate… even in business.

For example, someone who’s a Projector (who is designed to “wait for an invitation”) cannot do the same marketing and business-growing strategies that a “Manifestor” or a “Manifesting Generator” is designed to do. They’ll totally fall flat.


I’m a Projector in Business…

I’m a Projector, which means I have no sacral energy. That jargon simply means I’m not built to initiate big projects, work endless hours, or manifest anything though “sheer force” — because I literally don’t have the energy to do so, and it’s not appropriate for my nature. It’s like trying to push a car uphill that has no gasoline: wasted energy.

A Projector’s strategy for success for success is to “be invited” into the big things–work, relationships, and where to live. We’re not built to start shit out of no where. We have a deep, penetrating aura that can see things deeply, and we need to be “invited” to use it.

We’re also not built to work endless ours or do the 9-to-5 grind (like 70% of the world’s population is designed to do). HOWEVER, we are built to master ourselves, use our energy wisely, and create insane value for people who invite us to work with them.

Discerning which invitations are “correct” for us is also part of our work. (Not all invitations are correct for us.)

As Projectors, we’re here to guide others with our wisdom, and fully master a skill set or two. (I do this by guiding entrepreneurs to write their unique funnel content – and I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this over the past few years).

When we follow the strategy that’s correct for our design… life flows much smoother, like a car with a full tank of gas, and all parts operating smoothly.


Projectors Not in Alignment in Business

Nothing is uglier than a Projector in business trying to act like they’re Manifestor or a Manifesting Generator… LOL. Everything they do falls flat and doesn’t “quite land right.”

Looking back on my 14+ years in business… I can totally see how all the previous failed branding, marketing, and business-building attempts occurred because I wasn’t being myself. I wasn’t honoring my unique energy. I wasn’t waiting for an invitation… and I wasn’t “vibing high” enough to attract invitations (let alone the right ones).

All of my previous business blunders came mostly as a result of me trying to push and force my way through the marketplace. This resulted in bitterness and resentment on my part, as “nothing worked.” Plus, I’m sure it was annoying to the people I was trying to “cold-sell.” Ugh.

A lot of Projectors have this marketing problem… because they literally don’t know they’re not designed to do that!

Discovering my energy type was a breath of fresh air.


Typical marketing advice is suitable for Generators, Manifesting Generators, and Manifestors… but not for Projectors

Pushing and forcing might actually work well in business if you’re an “energy” type such as a Generator, or Manifesting Generator, or if you’re a Manifestor. Those Human Design types ARE built to initiate things, start things, push, and “make shit happen 24/7.” Typical marketing advice may be more suitable for them.

However, that shit won’t work for Projectors in business.

We’re NOT designed to follow in their footsteps. And this can be frustrating, because many of our role models are probably different than us energetically. Trying to be like them, or do things exactly how they do them, can result in things falling apart and feeling draining.

Projectors require a different strategy for success in business.

We have a unique energy — a limited supply of natural energy — and a unique path that requires a different approach.

When I wrote my book, The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout, I wasn’t writing it specifically for Projectors… but I think the advice it in fits us well.

The premise of the book is about being your true self in business and marketing, and profiting as a result.

Anything outside of that constitutes being a sellout.

ANY Human Design type can benefit from being their true self, and operating in alignment with what their conscience (or inner voice / energy) is telling them to do… not just Projectors.

This book is resonating with quite a few people who are Projectors in business though… I find that so interesting!

Waiting for an invitation isn’t about sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, and doing nothing (while “vibrating” your way to heavenly, magical sales).

You do have to take action. But this action needs to come from a positive mindset/attitude… where you’re doing things that put YOU in a positive state, daily.

From there, you can attract, or draw in, the right invitations.

This works. I know it works, based on years of personal experience.

If you’re a Projector in business and want marketing advice for Projectors… give this interview a listen!

(Side note: this was my first interview in 8 years, so I was a little nervous LOL!)

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